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I havent played for so long

Goat Horn [1]



Blank eyes [1]

Love Dad Bandana

Candy corn in mouth

Sheep hat

Dolor hat [1]

Drooping garm [1]

Father white moustache [1]

Shark hat

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this is based from what i know

Blank Eyes[1] = 70-100 (this one is really hard to negotiate when it comes to prices coz people just throw bizarre prices

SOB = 100-130 (this requires luck, since no one is planning to sell their SOB and there are more demands rather than supply)

Father White Moustache[1] = 15-20

Goat Horn[1] = 40-50 (this is not sure, I dont know where did they based their pricing, maybe because few has it?)

for the rest i dont know the current prices since players here are ought to be overpricing things because of the scarcity of these equips

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