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Item Vanished Right After The Disconnection Today



At around 18:00 ~ 18:10 server time, while I was talking to the NPC in the pub at althea for the Brynhildr[1] Quest we (players) got disconnected (not sure if its only the two of us inside the Althea's pub or the whole gRO got disconnected) and when I reconnected the ingredients for the said quest vanished the only left ingredients on my character is:

3 Mithril Crystal, Brynhildr[0] and 1 Hraustr

The other ingredients have vanished and here is the list:

10 Valhalla Flower

10 Old Enriched Elunium

10 Whole Roast and

10 Tristan XII.

The character I used in the quest is named "Matigas"

The only proof I have is the mail with a subject titled "q" on my sura from my another character named "lRap". (The mail contains "Tristan XII but i get it from the mail box)
And if you want to check the trade transaction of my characters "lRap" & "Matigas" together with my friend's character named "Brynhldr Izen", "Bryan Daedalus", "Gods Heal" & "tOshii Fvcker" (he is the one who ask me to help him with his brynhildr"




(that item with apple look after gold is the Mithril Crystal(Unknown Item).

Fav. Inventory Tab


We already have checked our own storage and the characters that those items have pass through but still we cant find it.

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