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Updates, Fixes & Balancings


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  • Added Dice Hat to Dice minigame
  • Updated Kafra Shop - removed headgears which are now available in quests, and added some new ones.
  • Spellbook Tooldealer - increased costs for spellbooks based on their strength and level
  • Truncated WoE Statistics - this is part of the upcoming WoE Update. Our WoE statistics will be resetted each WoE from now on. We've started to test the reward system with this update, however you will not notice it as of yet.
  • Removed Auction NPC from Althea (auction system is officialy broken by gravity and is no more supported at all!)
  • Updated Ship Captain Hat bonuses.
  • Removed rental boxes from the digging minigame to produce correct headgear
  • Added Freya Equipment Set on digging minigame
  • Added additional headgears to the Beverage Promo Quest and revamped the script.
  • Changed requirements of the bvh and dlh quests
  • You might notice already a few changes as part of the economy update, however we will not release any further information until it brings major changes or is complete!

    Script Fixes
  • Fixed GM Castle script to fail due some function changes in the emulator.
  • Fixed Poring Realm script fail due the same function changes like on the gm castle.
  • Re-implemented Tiara Samambaja's Quest (the script was lost for quite a while...)

    Skill Balancings
  • Cannon Spear - reduced damage
  • Finger Offensive - slightly reduced damage
  • Dragon Combo - slightly reduced damage
  • Earthgrave - slightly reduced damage
  • Diamond Dust - reduced damage
  • Psychic Wave - reduced damage
  • Hell's Plant - reduced damage

    Skill Fixes
  • Re-implemented custom effect of Gunslinger Cracker [bugreport:41]
  • Updated Pointpoint Attack to also have a chance to break Helm equips.
  • Fixed Feint Bomb stacking with Hiding and Stealth.
  • Updated the trigger area of Feint Bomb to be 3x3 and AoE is 5x5.
  • Fixed Warg Strike's Warg requirement, reverted to misc attack, and ignores target's Flee.
  • Warg Bite and Warg Dash now ignore target's Flee.
  • Corrected Epiclesis HP/SP recovery timer.
  • Fixed Crimson Moon not working with Epiclesis.
  • Updated Spirit Sphere requirement for Gentle Touch - Cure to 1.
  • Fixed Shield Boomerang not taking weapon element into account.
  • Homunculus skill re-use delay is no longer reset when vaporized.
  • Lauda Agnus and Lauda Ramus can now be casted when the caster is not in a party.
  • Cart Revolution will now always knock targets to the West (official)
  • Updated all non-3rd class skills cast times.
  • Corrected Prestige magic evasion formula.
  • Poem of Netherworld will now only effect enemies except in WoE.
  • Poem of Netherworld can be removed by Status Recovery and Lion Howling.
  • Updated Deep Sleep, Crystalize, and Vacuum Extreme to use base status.
  • Self Destruction now ignores target's DEF cards.
  • Fixed Raising Dragon not recovering SP.
  • Fixed Charm bonuses for Kagerou/Oboro.
  • Moved calculation for Chorus bonus.
  • Fixed Over Brand damaging targets on the entire map.
  • Fixed Cast Ninja Spell not randomly picking a status ailment to cast on target.
  • Fixed Venom Splasher consuming a second Red Gemstone.
  • Corrected Final Strike's damage formula.
  • Shield Boomerang should always be a neutral attack.
  • Shield Chain should always take the element of the weapon.
  • Updated Occult Impact damage and force element to neutral on final attack.
  • Fixed Release not storing the cooldown of the skill that is released
  • Fixed Group A Songs not showing their respective skill animation.
  • Concentration now casts Endure.
  • Fixed the Riding Mount icon not showing up after relogging for Dragons and Mado Gear.
  • Crescent Elbow will now knock the target back 8 cells.
  • Added a missing break for the damage calculation of Cross Strike.
  • Other miscellaneous cleanups.

    Quest Fixes
  • Fixed Lost Child Questlog - stuck at a specific part of the quest.
  • Fixed Muff's Loan - questlog failed even if succeeded, which made the log to be stuck forever.
  • Peace For Arunafeltz - also stuck at a specific part in the Questlog.
  • Fixed incorrect item IDs in Port Malaya quests.
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