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  • New Features
  • Added autotrade persistency for buyingstore
  • Implemented @warp suggestions. This will display map name suggestions when attempting to @warp to a non-existent map.
  • Added avoidance of teleporting on top of map warp portals.
  • Account Plus Members can now use @mount "1-6" to choose different colors for their dragons!

    Core Fixes

  • Fixed Event boxes giving out apples
  • Fixed digging quest giving out apples
  • Fixed a character deletion problem where the client froze in a "Please wait" state because it got a packet it was not meant to get. Also fixed wrong deletion times.
  • Fixed wrong bonus for Max HP
  • Fixed another issue caused on char respawn (HP/SP)
  • Fixed MVP drop that failed to make random order
  • Fixed the animation for logout.

    Skill Fixes

  • Crush Strike no longer ignores caster's % damage cards.
  • Phantom Thrust is now single enemy targetable.
  • Fixed Gates of Hell SP cost, range, and sphere cost.
  • Cleaned up Tiger Cannon splash damage and remaining HP/SP consumption.
  • Fixed Rising Dragon HP/SP regen to work with Spiritual Cadence.
  • Corrected Magic Decoy item requirement define not checking for PTS.
  • Poem of Netherworld now targets everyone except party members.
  • Adjusted a couple skills that have infinite timers to not display negative time to the client.
  • Fixed Sorcerer's Spirit max HP formula.
  • Fixed Banding not giving the Overawe effect.
  • Fixed Weapon Crush not casting at all.
  • Fixed Demonic Fire damage formulas from Fire Expansion.
  • Fixed Fire Expansion - Smoke Powder not giving ranged and melee damage reduction.
  • Fixed Fire Expansion - Tear Gas not draining HP and not displaying the /cry emoticon.
  • Adjusted Warg Strike to be a misc type attack and ignore target's Flee.
  • Updated Throw Kunai damage formula.
  • Severe Rainstorm is no longer castable on Land Protector.
  • Fixed Tropic, Chilly Air, Wild Storm, and Upheaval options not casting their specific autocast skills.
  • Updated Fire Cloak, Water Drop, Wind Curtain, and Stone Shield to 100% property resistance and damage.
  • Updated Heater, Cooler, Blast, and Cursed Soil damage formulas.
  • Increased SP cost of Psychic Wave when Heater, Cooler, Blast, or Cursed Soil are active.
  • Updated Zephyr Flee increase bonus.
  • Fixed Elemental HP and ATK2 formulas.
  • Fixed Sienna Execrate not consuming 2 Red Gemstones.
  • Fixed Shadow Chaser's Masquerade skills success rate formula.
  • Fixed Exceed Break to restore walk speed when cast is cancelled.
  • Vacuum Extreme no longer affects users who are in Hallucination Walk.
  • Fixed Hallucination Walk missing magic avoidance.
  • Adjusted Lif's Mental Change skill duration to 1 minute, 3 minutes, and 5 minutes respectively per level.
  • Hovering will now specifically ignore Skid Trap, Land Mine, Ankle Snare, Flasher, Shockwave Trap, Sandman, Freezing Trap, Blast Mine, Claymore Trap , Quagmire, Gravitation Field, Volcano, Deluge, Whirlwind, Watery Evasion, Electric Walk, Fire Walk, Vacuum Extreme, Windmill, and Moon Slasher.
  • Raging Trifecta will now display an animation on usage.
  • Cleaned up Auto Shadow Spell check for the specific skills it can cast.
  • Fixed several skill fail messages to display the correct information.
  • Fixed Demonic fire doens't have duration for lv 2 and 5.
  • Fixed skill requirement for Siena Execrate.
  • Fixed issue related to copying skills.
  • Fixed Severe Rainstorm damage formula.
  • Caster can no longer switch equips for the duration of Severe Rainstorm.
  • Cleaned up Demonic Fire and Fire Expansion combos.
  • Fixed Dragon Breath - Fire/Water damage formula and not being reduced by DEF or Flee.
  • Fixed the movement speed formula for Camouflage.
  • Fixed Overbrand Brandish area damage.
  • Fixed cast time for Magical Amplification.
  • Fixed Moonlit Serenade MATK increase.
  • Fixed Phantom Thrust not casting.
  • Fixed Gentle Touch - Cure healing formula.
  • Fixed Wall of Thorns not dealing damage to players who touch it.
  • Fixed Flash Combo spirit sphere requirement.
  • Fixed Feint Bomb damage formula.
  • Fixed Circling Nature HP recovery and SP consumption being reversed.
  • Fixed Judex area of effect to be 3x3.
  • Fixed Abracadabra skill "Summon Monster" not displaying the monster's name.
  • Fixed Sight Blaster duration.
  • Fixed Ignition Break area of effect damage.
  • Fixed Poem of Netherworld not immobilizing enemies.
  • Fixed Rampage Blaster damage formula.
  • Adjusted Tiger Cannon damage formula and allow to bypass target's flee.
  • Fixed Self Destruction not working on self.
  • Fixed Repair not healing or consuming item requirements.
  • Fixed Silver Sniper and Magic Decoy AI types not being counted towards the land skill limit.
  • Fixed Silver Sniper bonus ATK formula.
  • Fixed Magic Decoy maximum HP formula.
  • Fixed Lion Howling damage formula.
  • Fixed Rapid Throw (Muchanage) damage formula.
  • Stasis no longer allows casting of Chorus skills.
  • Fixed Chorus skills not checking for additional partners.
  • Body Paint no longer removes Chase Walk or Invisibility.
  • Recognized Spell is no longer cleared by Dispell or Abundance.
  • Epiclesis now removes Cloaking Exceed and will heal while in the Frenzy state.
  • Renovatio now heals while in the Frenzy state.
  • Fixed Firing Trap not having the fire element.
  • Fixed Icebound Trap not having the water element.
  • Fixed Axe Tornado not doing less damage for targets outside of the 5x5 area of effect.
  • Updated the list of effects that Inspiration makes the caster immune to.
  • Cleaned up the effects of Vacuum Extreme to work as it should in GvG maps.
  • Corrected durations for Millennium Shield, Crush Strike, Refresh, and Weapon Crush.
  • Fixed Rampage Blaster damage formula.
  • Fixed Circling Nature HP regeneration formula.
  • Fixed Flash Combo spirit sphere requirement.
  • Fixed Overbrand skill attack.
  • Taekwon stances will now be removed on logout to prevent them being permanently on when a Taekwon is no longer ranked.
  • Removed a case that ignores damaging a target when they are on the same cell as the caster for Frost Nova.
  • Removed a skill unit check for Overbrand.
  • Updated Sightrasher area to be 15x15.
  • Added missing accuracy decrease and Base Level damage modifier for Fatal Menace.
  • Fixed Warg Strike not working while using Warg Ride.
  • Warg Strike is now a neutral element.
  • Warg Strike attack type is now a weapon.
  • Warg Strike will no longer ignore target's Flee.
  • Warg Bite is now a neutral element.
  • Fixed Gates of Hell range check.
  • Updated All Odin Power to official effects.
  • Removed the range check from Hell Gate.
  • Sorcerer Insignias are now disabled on Land Protector.
  • Fixed Rush Windmill adding BATK rather than WATK.
  • Guild auras will no longer be removed on Land Protector.
  • Reverted a change made to Raising Dragon for HP/SP Regen.
  • Fixed Rage Burst not consuming Rage Counters on use.
  • Implemented official hiding effect for Feint Bomb.

    Item Updates

  • Added/fixed itemscripts for some new items.
  • Corrected the persistence of many Hit- and Flee-increasing consumables, as they should dispel upon death.
  • Consumables without expire time no longer stack with rental items.
  • Fixed High Wizard Card itemscript.
  • Fixed incorrect position and view for item 18771 Opera Phantom Mask
  • Added missing 'bFixedCastrate' bonus for item 1832 Vellum Claw
  • Fixed some item view IDs, which do not crash anymore
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Thanks for the update :D

is like tiger cannon type is back...xD

So, you've been complaining about not having updates and such, yet the first thing you post when an update comes is this shit and not a "thank you", you need to work out your manners.

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