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Woe To The Next Level


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Before i start off with the WoE thingy, here are some small updates for today:

  • Updated Oboro&Kagerou required job change level to 99/70 as it is on the official servers
  • Fixed dating quest issue, related to the Evil Wing Ears [bugreport:8]
  • New forum section "Basic Guides" were we will offer "official" gRO guides. New guides will be added from time to time. This is another part to improve our newbie friendliness and inform our players better.



New WoE Concept
With an emphasis on teamplay, strategy and action, WoE is still one of the best events RO has to offer.
However WoE is old, and WoE 2.0 did not bring the change the players were looking for.

And that's where i come into play.
No... my plans are not to change the gameplay itself, but maybe the way you play it!

Some of our players might remember my development diary, back in april.
Back then it was a rough idea/concept, and i was starting to get in touch which some developers so we can realise the whole idea.
Now the whole thing is actually under development, and i'm here to share some latest information with you.

Let's bring everyone together
My actual request for the map was, to create the whole basement and add a "few" exclusive custom 3D Models. Due the big delay on the creation of the map, the mapper decided to create the whole basement as a custom 3D model, which was kind of a surprise. The outcome is a much more accurate map design, compared to my sketch.


We're looking forward to this new exclusive GatheringRO map, and can't wait to see all the guilds chillin' next to the epic Statue with it's floating Emperium pieces.

Rewards for everyone
Yes we want to reward YOU!
Every single player who joins and plays WoE will be rewarded with points.
That means, you might recieve points for killing an enemy, or for buffing/healing your team mates. You will even be rewarded for causing damage to the emperium. Up to higher rewards such as being the best overall player, or if you've dealt the most damage vs players.

So no matter which class you play, you will recieve points based on your play style!
[ the treasure boxes will stay for the greedy guild leaders :P ]



Reward Shops
Your gathered WoE points can then be used on complete new WoE shops.
We will offer you a variety of different shops, including usable WoE only items, WoE equipment and more!

So that's it for today.

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This is by far one of the news I've liked the most, I'm really looking forward to this WoE thing, I stopped doing WoE years ago, literally, cause it was just plain boring to me, but this may have that thing that brings me back, and perhaps some oldies, kudos to you, good sir.

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I'm hoping woe 2 will be the same time with woe 1 :)

I think that'd be bad :o would make the players taking part on each woe decrease, 'cause there'd be 2 WoE's to be at! :D Just make them apart from each other, so everyone can fully focuse on the WoE that's going on at the moment. :)

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as other developers outside of our gRO walls are working on it, i really can't tell.

but it's under development, and i should recieve the finished map within the next weeks.

a scripter has also started on the implementation of the reward system.

i personally will start to work on the shops and some more details ones i've recieved and implemented the map.

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