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Oh God.. Not Another Newbie!


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Yes yes.. your worst nightmares are realized.. another newbie hath come into your mists. My name is Lynn Marie but you can call me Khal, Khaleesi or whatever character I might be on.. currently, I have Minfilia Tabris. I'm a now 30 year old mother of one child and just found this server in RMS, and looking for a place to settle in and hope this is it.

And yes, I like Game of Thrones and what not, but that is not why I choose Khaleesi completely as my name on here. Its (as lame as this sounds), the name of my Dalish Warden on Dragon Age Origins.. and honestly, I just like the way it rolls off the tongue. Anyway.. here is to making friends and fitting in here.

<3 Khalessi <3

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Hi khalessi, you can pm me in-game my IGN is Matigas. I'll guide you here in our server :) Also try to invite your friends ^^

BTW, all god items here are questable. Donators/Premium-users and non-donators have equal rights except on donator's aura, mount and an extra drop rate. All cards have the drop rates of 1%. :)

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