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In GatheringRO we're offering an easy way to change your job class!

    Job Master

Once you have reached the appropriate level you can finally choose your first class! Make sure your Job Level is at least Level 10 and all your skillpoints have been spent. You can find the Job Master in Althea where you first started off after finishing/exiting the Newbie Grounds. Just click her, choose your desired class and you're ready to go!

To help you get started on your new class, a Starter Package has been given to you at the Novice Grounds which includes useful gear for every class.

If you're already an experienced player, and want to try something new. It's always interesting to test out some baby classes.
Start your first tiny adventure! /no1



    Job Class Tree

This tree shall help you to find your way to your favourite job class.
It also helps you with the minimum base & job level requirement info to change to your desired class.




    Class Information

For more indept information on individual classes, visit our class overview.


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