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Ro Won't Start

X Captain Levi X


GM pls help me or Anyone

i Copy paste the GatheringRO to my cousin computer but it won't work after i click start it is only pop outs but i try alreay disabled the antivirus and download the vcredist_x86 i thought its the same problem with my brother computer i read all the forums the i can't find to solved my problem is not working pls help me

computer specs of my cousin

Mic. windows XP


Version 2002

Service pack 2

Interl® Celeron®


960 MB Ram

pls help me my cousin realy love you Sever ! god bless happy new year!!

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but how come the laptop of bother and my friend i just copy paste and work perfectly find and i just download the new patcher and one more thing the trap of ranger is not working in WOE even my guildmates just passing around with my traps even other guild i remember when i playing international RO even my guild's mate are trap in ankle snare and sp drain...

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copy /pasting should work, as long as you don't paste it over an existing other server folder.

tell him to try some different configurations (start the settings on the patcher)
he shall try to pick the right video card from the drop down list.

he shall also try a few other settings as this may fix the issue.

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