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Major Update & Crash Fixes


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  • Fixed main Map Server crash cause!
  • Fixed homunculus causing the map server to crash
  • Improved client performance!
  • Added new command @autoloottype or @aloottype or @aloott
  • Fixed item restriction check that should only prevent the item script. ATK, DEF, and MATK for RE should be calculated
  • Added missing item and item combo restriction checks
  • Tons of item database updates and fixes
  • A lot of script optimizations and fixes
  • Fixed incorrect random warp in Glast Heim
  • Fixed that restricted equipment will now be taken off if a player warps to a map with such restrictions
  • Fixed searchstores not removing character data when logging off
  • Prevented MDEF damage reduction from dividing by zero
  • Added item ID on @whodrops results to avoid confusion
  • Storage code optimizations to improve database stability
  • Fixed dead player isn't warped to the save point when died on warp portal
  • Fixed an issue where Castle Manager couldn't be fired accordingly
  • Fixed minor error with instances
  • Fixed several NPC dialogue typos
  • Updates to Dicastes Episode
  • Fixed Port Malaya quest which didn't delete a specific item
  • Fixed an official quest time message mistake in El Dicastes quests
  • Added support for Moon Star and Super Star Items
  • Processing improvement on HP meters
  • First implementation of Rebellion Class and Skills (class not available as of yet, but we're working on it)
  • Fixed a bug for visual effects on relog (this fixes the Warlock Sphere issue on relog as well as many other visual effects)
  • Updated refinement table to the latest official behaviour (rates above +10)
  • Added new bonus VanishRate for Vellum weapons
  • Fixed Unlimit and Cloaking Exceeded effect
  • Added emblem transparency check (more than 80% transparency will be rejected)
  • Added Shadow equipment system support
  • Several memory leak fixes for the server
  • Fixed some EXP values in Brasilis quest
  • Minor updates to Kafra functions
  • Fixed Eclage monster item drops
  • Fixed Nightmare Ancient Mummy item drops
  • Fix item_combo who wasn't checking for different index in case of same item required for combo
  • Added function to ban a single character instead of a whole account
  • Add a timered function to refresh block data if you still on charselection waiting for unban
  • Fixed error in Morroc's Bard Quest

    Official Skill/Battle Updates/fixes

  • Fixed Enervation altening twice watk
  • Preseve only prevent to copy skill via Plagiarism, player still able to copy skill by Reproduce
  • Frost Driver damages with overpower level because skill_lv reduction mistake
  • Damage rate calculation should be before reflected damage calculation
  • Fixed Pneuma behaviors (Enemy still can be knocked back, Acid Terror still has chance to break the armor)
  • Fixed Cart Terminator damage "when the skill 'misses', a small damaged hit is still guaranteed from Weaponry Research"
  • Fixed watk not being calculated properly with bonus
  • Removed an unnecessary applied cooldown when casting Endure
  • Fixed bug where Bloody Lust could end before Berserk, causing an enemy's HP to drop to 100
  • Increase interval on some skills that are occasionally being applied twice
  • Fixed Poison/Blind/Silence effects and Zeny penalty for Masquerade Unlucky
  • Fixed and modified SP absorb from mobs and players for Masquerade Ignorance
  • The long range attack rate bonus now effects damage, rather than ATK
  • Some small changes for the double casted skills
  • Fixed SP cost on Invisibility and removed time limit
  • Fixed Invisibility behavior
  • Fixed a problem were players could use items in Invisibility
  • Updated Force of Vanguard to latest official behaviour
  • All skills which use spirit spheres now check for them prior
  • Fixed Eleanor obtaining spirit spheres for either Fighting or Grapple mode
  • Fixed Defense effect of Amistr skill
  • Fixed Earth Strain divest chance
  • Fixed Telekinesis Intense buff duration
  • Fixed Offertorium not consuming the correct amount of SP
  • Cart Boost effect stays even if the cart is removed
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Refine is fix again? Thanks~! Please check Comodo Digging Quest if it really gives the chance to get a nightmare been digging for months lol

+1 For the digging thing. And dude, did you ever get a hockey mask or a freyja crown or an observer? Check if they have a timer. o-o

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Jigs, i heard you have lots of Nightmare? Can i trade my Rainbow Sash for a Nightmare + 100 Miths?

Sad to say, i sold all my nightmares before i became inactive (pre-big update) If i get one, i'll contact you ;)

Now, As you can see GM Everade, the observer has a 7 day period, It came from digging. It should not have an expiration. Can you please look into it? I've been asking this for so so many times. No gm has tried digging to see the proof. O_O

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