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Skill Balancings & New Class


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Client Update
- Walking distance has been increased to the maximum (no more clicking/moving issues)

Rune Knight
- Rebalanced almost all damage skills
- Split the skills in sword and spear moves again for more build diversity
- Fixed the aspd issue for spears

Royal Guard
- Spear skills damage lowered by a small amount, full rebalance will follow in the next patch.

- Lowered Overall damage output by a small amount
- Lowered Chance of white imprison occuring based on the agi stat of target ( -1% chance for every 5 agi of target)

- Damage lowered
- Chance for deep sleep reduced

- Gate of Hell damage reduced to a reasonable amount

- Acid Demonstration damage reduced by approximately 28%

Kagerou/Oboro RELEASE
- Skill damage increased
- Kagerou/Oboro class can now be selected from the job changer

Guillotine Cross
- Poison Duration lowered
- Poison dmg lowered ( Leech End will now tick for 1%hp ea 2 sec and mushroom will tick for 3% ea 4 sec)

- All skills rebalanced
- Buff duration increased to 5 minutes

Item Updates
- All Glorious weapons have been tweaked for +20 upgrades
- Thanatos card fixed
- Introduced new refine table with custom chances and upgrade bonus
- Reverted item refinements which were upgraded during the time the refinement table was partly wrong
- Fixed almost all matk/atk based boni from equip/cards

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