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Thor Patcher Bug..




I received some kind of error that some files have been erased, so i had to reinstall gatherig ro, so i did..

After i reinstalled gathering ro, i try to download all updates and enter in game... I run the patcher, he started to load updates, after that, patcher just closes down and nothing happens.

I cant enter in game no longer please help me out..


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Your picture shows that the patcher system itself is being updated.
That's normal.

Once it downloaded the latest patcher system, the patcher should simply RESTART. (close and re-open)

However it's possible that your anti virus software blocks such actions.
So please add the patcher to the ignore list of your anti virus software, and additionaly add a firewall exception for the patcher.

And what do you mean with "files have been erased" ?

Did your anti virus software delete any files?
If so, you would have to add the gRO installation folder to the ignore list of your anti virus software.
Or simply use a better "non" free anti virus software.

And if that's the case.

What anti virus software are you using and which files have been deleted?

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I've installed the game on a dummy folder and the installation went smoothly.

Please make sure you've downloaded the latest client build in the homepage. Also, you might want to add firewall exception for gRO patcher.

Don't forget to install the client and run the patcher as administrator.

If these doesn't help, more info about your problem will be much appreciated.

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