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Setup & Website Updates


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  • Updated the settings software
  • Added support for disabling hardware-accelerated graphics and detecting mirror drivers, both intended as troubleshooting measures.
  • Touches up various aspects of the user-interface, such as context-sensitive help through tool tips.
  • For those players who don't see the guild name while cursor over player, please open your gRO settings and uncheck /showname


  • Added character sprite to char view
  • Updated account view, you can now see your registered e-mail adress again
  • Players can now view the guild information page of their own guild
  • Several small tweaks in every corner of the website
  • Fixed GatheringRO Wiki
  • Fixed our dynamic Worldmap
  • Increased all top player/guild rankings to 50

    The website is still under construction, more fixes will follow!

Ingame News

Ingame skill balancings are currently under development.
More item trade restriction updates are on the way, please keep reporting them in the feedback section of our forums!

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