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Ceromain Pots ~



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and where exactly?

make your speech usefull instead of post trivial crap. Thx :):)


1.I cant warp to the thana tower anymore i think u have to go hu_fild01 and find npc there to able to enter.

2. 999k crimson hasn't been fix yet.

3. I don't know if its a bug or not but there are two MVP instead of one res pawning

4. GRB still not working

5. Ceromain Stone Effect is not fix yet

6. Thanatos Tower Quest Blue Key machine doesn't work. It doesn't show that i can click it

7. Thanatos Tower Floor 6th it wont warp me to 7th floor it said that 'The Shadow Black Key is gleaming in the center of the portal to pass this way looks like i need something'

8. Warlock Skill read book Lets u get 3 comet without casting needed [spamming]

9.Leech is 5mins

10. Tao graveyard spawn time is off its been 5 hours and tao didn't spawn yet

11. When u link genetic when he/she hit a crit is 999k

I have to wait for the changelog to write all the things that i've observed.

But so far:

1.) Expanded jobs' name is still on Korean language

2.) Font is too big, and inventory window (not friendly for small screens)

3.) GX's cloaking exceed gives the GX max movement speed (It's like having bras+moonie+gryphon at the same time)

4.) Almost all skils have very low after-cast delay (it's like having 2 kiels always)

5.) Mechanic's cart boost is nerfed? (no movespeed increase at all)

6.) Ceromain potions are giving weird Stone effect after use.

7.) When I click 'Cancel' on Character Select window, it asks whether I want to exit the client or not. (Which is supposed to be back to userpass form on the old client). Is this official?

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Good job son,then apply yourself for a moderator job,your skills are amazing and you have a lot of free time to spend in virtual life ^_^

I don't and my "job" is for the italian support.

The real one who is spamming is you with your 1st post ;)

stop keep spamming now. Thx

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then be a moderator and stop saying you would do better lol, dont start a war patsy =x

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