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Double Bug "super Crimson Fire" & "gatchaman Hide Job"



I Found 2 Omega op bugs yesterday.

1) Super Crimson Fire:

- Make a Ninja

- Put 20 Dex

- Lvl up Crimson fire to lvl 2

- Deal 9999999 Dmg (at lvl 10 1.2M dmg / sec)

- Be a Super Sayan

2) Gatchaman Job class

- Make a ninja

- Lvl up job

- Talk to change job npc

- Select your new job "SG" or "SL" (your ninja)

- Welcome to the new 2 Classes What i called Gatchaman Gladiator and Gatchaman Linker (i use that names because my character gatchaman found them), the original name of the job is Ïëáe

Note: On website the job of the Gatchamans are Ninja.

Note 2: Character used for test the bug "Gatchaman" & "Gatchamans"
Note 3: Help my bugged characters Called "Akaite" (bugged with "Formal Suit" -> Palette Error) and "Maww" (bugged with "Tuxedo Suit" -> Palette error, algo my bridegroom "Treasa" With wedding dress.

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