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Gm I Need Help Please Read For Once



i have 2 problems and any GM has the time to give me a answer

1 i can't slot my kaho horn they are +4 even if i ask for save the refine rate and pay for it, it just doesn't work.

2 how to delet a charcater?
i send the request and now it ask for my birthday i tested all the formats


maybe im doing a mistake but i don't think so i ever use the same birthday and i really need to delet some characters in my main acc.

Please i hope a soon answer the first post i made about the kaho horn was like a month a go i got any anser and by spaming my problem in chat hopping a GM could finally read it i just got banned from the chat.

Please let me know if there is any solution for me or just say no so i won't wait for a response anymore.

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