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We were able to fix most major bugs thanks to the beta we were running before the release.
However it's simply impossible to run such a huge update like changing an emulator without to encounter major issues upon release.

Everything is new, this includes:
- Server Hardware
- Emulator (which is the whole core of every online game)
- Skills
- Client
- Patcher System
- Control Panel

Server Hardware
GatheringRO has been moved to a complete new server environment.
Our server performance has been increased by more than 3 times, with one of the latest processors, 4 times more and faster ram, a new raid hdd setup and more. With an increased server security and improved server-side latency, it's more than we ever imagined to be able to offer.

A lot of our custom scripts were simply incompatible upon this upgrade.
We've managed to fix >95% of all of them during the alpha and closed beta phase, which are now already working.

I'm actually proud, that everything went this fine.
I've expected much much bigger issues, but that's just me.
Most players probably can't imagine what's all behind this, but believe me, it went really great.

A big let down was, that we weren't able to get the WoE rotation fixed. The script is completly uncompatible due the big core changes within the new emulator we were using.
We're still in contact with the main coder of the system, and are working on it to get it back into gRO as fast as possible.
In the meantime we will be running the official, normal WoE you were used to back in the years.

I promise, that we are doing our best to get everything back to a normal state. We always did that (since over 8 years) and we're continuing this workflow.
So please support us, and report missbehavior and bugs with as much detail as possible into the new feedback section of our forums.
We will work ourself through every single topic, and fix one after another.

We're happy that we're now finally running on the new emulator, as we are able to release frequently official updates and content.
Which we were lacking for the past 3 years.

GatheringRO did not recieve official updates for about 3 years, due the fact that our old emulator was discontinued by the developers.
So with the current update, we've recieved completly re-coded skills, which are as up to date as possible.
So their behavior might have changed a lot.
Which also means, we had to rebalance all of them from scratch. And it's far from finished.
We will be releasing further skill balancings upon feedback.

The first major skill bugs have already been fixed within the first 24 hours of the release.
So give us the time we need.
We're still a private server and do not have hundreds of developers working on the game.

You may have noticed that the interface changed quite a bit, which includes several new features.
However the font is kinda big and bulky, which we also don't like (that's official by the way).
I've tested in the past months over 15 clients, and have modified them like hell.
Getting our old custom font back always failed. But i will continue the client development, and give my best to improve the interface further.

The first few bug fixes will rollout within the next days, as i'm currently working on some things.

Control Panel
Yes, also our control panel required a major update, as our old one was simply incompatible with the new emulator.
The core is still the same, so the design didn't change at all.

But please note:
The control panel is still under development! A lot of features are currently broken, which i will be working on as soon as the major ingame bugs have been fixed.
The new control panel also allows us to release new features which will be available soon.
One of the main features which will be released are:
Vending Addon
Rename Character

But they are currently not that important as fixing the bugs and server stability.

Patcher System
You all know, that we've had a lot of issues with our old patcher, which has also been discontinued by the main developer.
So with that i've decided to switch to the Thor patcher, which is used by nearly all private servers.
So also the patcher is running on a complete new system, which allowed me to increase the patch server security as well.
For all those having the read time out error, i'm still investigating that issue, but i really think it's related to your anti virus software.
I will keep you up to date, as soon as we know more.

A full changelog with all the changes will follow.

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the configuration is just fine, it's working perfect on all systems i've tested.

a read time error usually means that the patcher tries to download a file, however something is blocking it do to so.

So it's not really patcher related, it's related to your own system setup.

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thank you for working hard for us gRO players, one question, is the class Oboro (or the name of 2nd ninja) class available on the new gRO? and what about the new mounts? someone please tell me, i dont know, thats the least thing ive heard in issues at new gRO.

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Everything implemented.

But not released for players as of yet.

Oboro and kagerou require major balancing

and we're still thinking about a good solution to make the new mounts available.

But they will be released for sure.

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