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Cat Hand New World Access


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Cat Hand New World Access
- 50,000 zeny
- Access to the New World and all it's surrounding maps
Side Notes
- This quest only acts as a quick access to the New World maps and does not replace the Onward to the New World quest as a prerequisite for several other quests.
- No coupon point is rewarded
Step 1
Speak to the Cat Hand Agent (moc_para01 44 19) in the Eden Group building. Upon talking to him you will need to select the following options:
"Why don't you collect it yourself?"
"I also want to go and help the merchants."
Once prompted to do so, enter your character's name correctly and pay the 50,000 zeny fee. You will then be warped to a field near Morroc.
Step 2
Walk slightly to the right of the map you have been warped to and you should find a Cat (moc_fild20 368 197). Speak to the cat and select:
"Let's do this."
Step 3
You should now find yourself having been warped to another map. Walk up the rock and speak to the Cat Hand Agent (moc_fild22b 182 179) and when prompted select:
"To the other world!"
Congratulations! Now that the Cat Hand Agent has warped you to the New World (mid_camp) you should have access to Splendide and Manuk maps without doing any further quests. Unfortunately no coupon point is rewarded upon completing this quest.
Thank you for reading! Feel free to leave comments and questions regarding the quest.
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