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Multiple Issues - Kafra Shop & Mail Box



The Pisces Crown which can be purchased in the Kafra Cash shop displays as [1], indicating it has a headgear slot. Guess what? When I went to compound an Evil Nimph card (to complete that sage card combo set) the only headgear that showed up on my list was the sagering I had in my inventory. Basically, the Pisces Crown shows a slot but is not actually registered as "1 Slot" in the database. The database actually says it has 1 slot I believe, but I'm not sure if its really supposed to now or if it was simply a mistake. May have to check all the kafra shop items just incase other headgears may have the same slot issue.

Mail Box:

You CANNOT mail items or gold to your other characters. It keeps saying "Failed to send message. That character name doesn't exist."

So now, I am unable to start or complete the Valkyrie Helm quest due to lack of funds. My merchant has all the money...so I figure I'd mail the money to my Sorcerer but alas, the mail won't go through. (Yes, I spelled the recipient's name correctly.) This means I have to grind the 10 mil on my Sorcerer in order to start the quest which I don't quite have the time to do since I have to go to work and it will be a while since I'll have another day off.

Actually, I'm surprised nobody noticed this? You guys have been playing longer than I have as I've just started about a week and some change ago...how exactly were you guys getting money from your vendors? I don't know, maybe its just erroring for me. Just thought I'd let the GM's know.

Also, I was just trying to get the item ID for the Pisces Crown but even when I type the exact name in the search's database it tells me item not found, forcing you to dig through 10 pages of headgears manually. The search doesn't allow specifics. - This isn't really so much a bug as it is a cosmetic issue, so dont worry about that now.

Take care, thanks for reading~~

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