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We've recently recieved some reports that there are scammers going around.
They are impersonating our GM staff (within the past days Alexaa and myself) and try to ask for a donation so you can become a game master.

We will NEVER ask for a donation nor your account password, it doesn't matter what these guys are telling you.
The only way to become a Game Master is by an application within our official Game Master application topic. But only if it's opened and we're actually seeking for new ones.

We will also never contact you by e-mail, unless in support situations.
We usually only contact you within our forums, where you can see our Game Master/Administrator tag, or directly ingame where you can also see our unique <GM> tag in front of our name.

Please report impersonators immediately so we can take action against these scammers.
>List of our Staff<

Thank you

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i just wondering what should we do if when the thing happens, there is no gm online both in game and in forum..
if we screened it and post into player's report, it might be already too late right?
well, nowadays as we know most of ppl can change their ip or deleted the chars, etc.

i just wonder what should we do at "that" time. thanks

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