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Where To Fine Npc Art Illustrations


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Does anyone know where I can find NPC illustration arts in RO folder? I was intrigued by its art style and I can't seem to find it anywhere in RO folder. :P Internet failed me to find any kind of gallery online or a link to original artists' sites. Internet only showed me NPC sprites and kafra ncp art illustrations instead. -__-;;

PS: "Fine" in the title/question is typo. XP

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Hello juguardian,

Follow this simple steps in order to find the npc illustrations on your RO folder:

  • Download a GRF Tool here. A grf tool extracts a .grf file on your RO folder where almost all of the files are found.
  • Open the GRF Tool.
  • Click "Open".
  • Go to your RO folder and open "data.grf". You can now see a lot of file names on the table.
  • On the "Search" textbox, type "illust" and press enter. This will locate your data.grf's illustration folder.
  • All the illustrations will now display on the table, as you click them, you can see the illustrations through the preview window. In order to extract / get the images, you can select the file you wish to get and click the "Extract" button.

There ya go.

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