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Raden's Anointed Bishop Guide


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A Quick Guide to Magic Spam / Tight End Bishop

A quick note by the author, familiarize with the terms used. You can find them by reading other guides that includes abbreviations


I. Stats

II. Equips

III. Skills

I. Stats

str: 1

agi: enuf agi to reach 190 aspd

int: 200

dex: enuf to reduce the variable casting time

luk: 150

vit: rest

II. Equips


-BVH/DLH/Prism2 [Gemini], switch with Prism4/Lux/Pimp[Kiel]

-Noble/any slotted midgear [mayaP]

-Rsash/neblow [Marduk/leib olmai/leaf cat/Rata]


-D.robe[detale/angeling/ed/TAO/Ent] note: ent is not really my bet but it adds damage


-ProxySkin(the higher the upgrade the better)[Devi/farb], switch with Vmant(the higher the upgrade the better)[sinX]


-V.shoes/D.shoes(which do you prefer?)[FBH]


-Vshield[Tirfing/GTB/GRB/flame skull]


-2Expert ring [wickebine tres] [erende ebece]


+10 or higher Book of Dead [dopple,vr]

+10 any elemental book with 3 slots already [2LoD,dopple] [sk,WS,dopple] [or any status combination you like as long as you reach high aspd]

Items to be used:

-Concentration pots (available at tool dealer)

-Ceromain soup (crafted by genetic)

-Authorative badge (huntable at pay_dun03)

-if you are rich enough to avail +20stat foods any time.

III. Skills:

-your usual buffs agi, bless, kyrie, sacrament

-Adoramus, Judex and Duple Light for offensive

-Heal, highness heal, epiclesis and status cures

now here comes the tricky part

-decrease agility + ruwach + lex eterna (on offensive)

-Oratio + lex divina (on setter mode)

-safety wall + renov + magni + pneuma (on regenerative and protective)

-slow poison (dunno if working)

-clearance (for your entertainment)

Final Tips:

do the moves, familiarize with your skills and appropriate hotkeying ensure better movement.


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"-safety wall + renov + magni (on regenerative and protective)"

Don't forget about Pneuma, too

Nice guide though

Note : isn't there better for Shoes, like, something that adds MDEF ? Since V.Shoes / D.Shoes won't give much Hp/Sp anyway...

Same for armors, with Brynhildr (or whatever it's spelled, it's the godly armor) ?

Same for weapon, with Mjolnir ?

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lol forgot pneuma :/ silly me,

for the shoes, you could change your build to sprint set, or tidal for mdef and addtl' hp

for armors brynhildr is a great option but since its a quick guide (easy to assemble) I prefer to using D.robe for its delay reduct,

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well not all are made of money for Tao and R.sash, and BVH or DLH? xD? obviously prism 4 or pimp hat,not trying to be rude,,

Prism 4 is only if you wanna Heal, otherwise BVH provides some stats (wich increases your Sp, Hp, Def, Mdef, Atk and Matk)

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dash, assuming that you already have God helms, and suddenly decided to shift to AB, we also have that case, anyways prism2 isn't that hard to obtain and I prefer Neblow more than the R.sash, just saying tho :) and you won't stick to one headgear if I were you,

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If this is magic based, Ent would be a good idea to get. It goes towards MATK which goes towards Adoramus dmg. (Which is < then Judex since it's more hits. But then you have to think about the reflect factor :) )

Note to newbies - Use FBH most of the time rather then amon, since an AB has kyrie (constantly move to cast it), and because the cool down could affect your game play. While FBH increases your dmg.

Nice guide, very useful to beginner AB's looking to be Magic based ^^

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I prefer using sprint set in armor, acce and shoes. Not only because they increase the heal, but also reduces skill delay and adds little hp.

I don't use Dopple for high aspd. My agi is 120 and I use ceromain, BOD +10, Thorn Shield and Bison Horn combo for 193 aspd.

But Nice Guide though. +1 ^^

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