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figured i'll do what i always do when i feel comfy in places, i make my "home" (aka art thread)

i have my DA: http://fairytaleorchestra.deviantart.com/

but i'll try to post things here that i dont post on there in case anyone decided to watch me or something :S


drew a Horsea gijinka for my friend tonight, just a quick 1hr thing but i like it anyway so~

feel free to post requests for stuff if you want and i'll see what i can do~ <3

enjoy i guess x_O;

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Nazue - sure why not :3

can i ask you to maybe just draw me a female Mareep gijinka please? my RO chars dont look very interesting at this point aha.

can i ask what your baby warlock has in her mouth? just so i dont draw anything wrong ^^;

Kenzie - finished your sorcerer! so i hope you like it.

it isnt great and it's a bit messy but.. :S


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