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Baby Dragon Hat[1] Guide

Kenzie Riann

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Baby Dragon Hat[1]


Hello. ^_^ I'll be showing you how to make Baby Dragon Hat!




Baby Dragon Hat[1]


A cute dragon is fast asleep on your head. He wouldn't wake up whatever you do.

Class: Headgear

Defense: 3

Equipped on: Upper

Weight: 10

Required Level: 0

Applicable Job: Ever Job






~Required Items~

10x Old Pick

(You may need more or less. 10 is a safe number to have.)

1x Legacy of Dragon

300x Sticky Mucus

(You may need more or less. The NPC took 298 from me.)

50x Alcohol

1x Dragon Egg Card



~The Quest~


Let's begin by finding the "Fossil Hunter" in Morocc!
@warp morocc 122 266




Speak to him and select "Fossils? In Abyss". He'll tell you about how they

may be Dragon fossils. Speak to him again until he gives you the option of,

"I can do it for you!" then select "Where should we start?!"
He will tell you to look in the Abyss caves, the second level. So let's get going!

~The Fossil~


We're going to find this fossil at

@warp abyss_02 44 61




Make sure you have your Old Picks ready! You may break a few in the process!

Keep trying to dig at the fossil until you get it. If you spam through the dialogue, you'll

know that you got it when the fossil doesn't speak to you anymore.


Let's head back to the Fossil Hunter, Adrienne!

@warp morocc 122 266


He will tell you about his friend in Yuno, so let's go find them!



Let's go to Adrienne's scholar friend in Yuno, found at

@warp yuno_in01 96 97




Talk to Mirra, and select "Can you help me revive this fossil?" and then select "Do you

think you can bring it back to life?" She'll examine it for you, and hopefully, she can revive it!

But not all fossils can be revived!


Next, she mentions she has never done this before on a dragon fossil, and needs help from a book!

But which book?
Why, none other than the
Legacy of Dragon!



Enter the name of the book, and then give it to her. She's going to give you a list of

ingredients that she needs.


300x Sticky Mucus

50x Alcohol

1x Dragon Egg Card


If you have your items ready, then begin defossilization!


And then....




Congrats! You finished and got your own Baby Dragon Hat!






Thanks to: DARK Loki for finding the quest, and helping find the NPCs. :P


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