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Updated - mm / dd / yyyy
Updated - 12 / 16 / 2017 - corrected more typos

Plop !

Apparently peoples are looking for one, but sadly there's not a guide...
So let's make one !

What will this guide tell you ?

1) What is Refining ? Why should i refine ?
2) How to Refine ?
3) Success Rates, Bonuses, Safety Limits ? (Enriched Ores included)
4) Where do i find the materials ? Is it expensive ?
5) Where can i upgrade / refine ?

------------------------------------------------- 1 - What is Refining ? Why should i refine ? ------------------------------------------

1) a ) What is Refining ?

In RO, some items can be "refined" or "upgraded".
Once an equipement (or weapon !) is upgraded, there's a number before it's name.

Example : +9 Ice Pick

You can refine an equipement or weapon up to +20.

1) b ) Why should i refine ?

Refining an equipement or weapon will increase it's effectiveness.

For equipements (Armor, Headgear, Shoes, Garment), it will increase the DEF you get from them.

As for weapons, it's a bit different :

It depend on the Weapon's Level, for now, there are Four Levels (1,2,3,4... obvious heh ?).
Depending on the Level, you get More or Less Attack with each refine.

Note : Depending on what type of weapon it is (Rod, Axe, etc), you'll get ATK or MATK from refines.

Also, some weapons have extra effects depending on the refine level.

Example : if +5 then additionnal MATK +10 on a specific weapon, if +9 Heal +20%, etc...

The bonus effects will ALWAYS BE IN THE DESCRIPTIONS.

Note : Cards sometimes uses the refines levels to add more effects too.

------------------------------------------------------------------ 2 - How to Refine ? -----------------------------------------------------------

2) a ) How ?

For Equipements :
Only NPCs can refine armors / shoes / garments / headgears.

For Weapons :
You can use the NPCs...
But that's not the only option !

Whitesmith and Mechanic can refine weapons !
Plus, they can get higher success rates than NPCs !

Note : Dunno if this is still the case on GRO though.

2) b ) What is needed ? Any item ?

You will need money, but that's not all !
You need items, too !
Plus, the items you need depend on what you wanna refine !

Note : For Weapons, each Level need a different item.

For Armors / Shoes / Garment / Headgears, you need 985.png?nocache=761389036 Elunium.
Or 7619.png?nocache=468178869 Enriched Elunium (higher chances of success).

For Weapons :
Lvl 1 - 1010.png?nocache=973268600 Phracon
Lvl 2 - 1011.png?nocache=1917179064 Emveretarcon
Lvl 3 - 984.png?nocache=608872357 Oridecon
Lvl 4 - 984.png?nocache=608872357 Oridecon

For Lvl 3 and 4, you can use 7620.png?nocache=2069006953 Enriched Oridecon (higher chance of success).

After +10 :
Armors : 6223.png?nocache=814220274 Calnium (also known as Kalunium)
Weapons (any level) : 6224.png?nocache=62384114Bradium

--------------------------- 3 - Success Rates, Bonuses, Safety Limits ? (Enriched Ores included) ----------------------------

3) a ) Basics

Basics !
It's a thing players might not know, but sadly it's very important :
The success rate is different, depending on how you refine :
If you're refining from +0 to +10 in one try, it will get lower and lower between each refine/upgrade (more lower than doing one refine at a time). THIS ISN'T THE CASE ANYMORE SINCE THE "NEW" UPDATE.

3) b ) Safety Limits

Armors : +4

Weapons :

Lvl 1 : +7

Lvl 2 : +6

Lvl 3 : +5

Lvl 4 : +4

3) c ) Bonuses for Weapons


3) d ) Success Rates for Weapons (%)


3) e ) Success Rates (%) and Bonuses for Armors


4) a ) Success Rates (Enriched Ores)

From 20% to 10% more than normal ores (+5 to +10).

4) b ) Success Rates (Whitesmith / Mechanic Class)

~35% higher than NPCs (Weapons only).

------------------------------------------------- 4 - Where do i find the materials ? Is it expensive ? -------------------------------

4) a ) Expensive or not ?

Let's face it : it is...

Yep, you can drop everything !
It's rare, of course, but it's FREE !
Awesome heh ?

4) b ) How can i get them ?

First, you're possibly thinking : "Omfg yes he's gonna tell me where i can drop this !! No need to search on Google !"
Well... ahahahah... No
I won't search for maps or monsters.
Simply because it could change with future RO updates, i just don't wanna waste my time searching 1000+ times for all monsters and maps.


So ! Now that it's said, let's do a short list :

Elunium and Oridecon : 985.png?nocache=291211544984.png?nocache=2004201972

You can buy thoses at Althea,
especialy at the Gathering Station, Tool Dealer NPC...
BUT ! Only Blacksmith / Merchand Class can buy them from this NPC.

But, you can make them, too !
With 757.png?nocache=1256530733 5 Rough Elunium, you can make 985.png?nocache=291211544 1 Elunium.

With 756.png?nocache=1708967873 5 Rough Oridecon, you can make 984.png?nocache=2004201972 1 Oridecon.

But, only a NPC can do this...
Where is the NPC ? It's in Althea, too, in the Forging House.

Enriched Elunium and Enriched Oridecon : 7619.png?nocache=147675267 7620.png?nocache=158925773

Thoses are obtainable from the Vote Shop and Event Boxes.
Note : 30047.png?nocache=593438196 Event Boxes can gives you 10 of them.

Phracon and Emveretarcon : 1010.png?nocache=5476585661011.png?nocache=62294442

You can drop them, but you can buy them, too (and it's NOT expensive !).
Where ? At Althea, in the Forging House.

Kalunium and Bradium : 6223.png?nocache=1283185720 6224.png?nocache=335502396

As i know, you can't buy them.
You can only drop them (it's rare, though).

For 6224.png?nocache=335502396 Bradium :

You can only get it in the New World.

But to go there you need to do this quest :

For 6223.png?nocache=1283185720 Kalunium :

It's in the New World, too, but...
Not only there !

The best place is Abbey, you can drop it on the Zombies.

------------------------------------------------------- 5 - Where can i upgrade / refine ? -------------------------------------------------

5) a ) Upgrading / refining to +10

You can do this at Althea, in the Forging House... but not only there !
There's Forging Houses in almost all cities.

5) b ) Upgrading / refining from +11 to +20

Now, it's special :
Only certain NPCs can do it, the most common one is in Payon (center of the map, can't find it on Google sadly...)
But, apparently, there's another one in Prontera, at : prt_in 90 72 (name of the NPC is Bestry)


Now this guide is over :(
Hope it helps D:

PS : Huge thanks to Beastboy, Everade and Forumers <3

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Intresting how I was looking for something like this and it just like showed up all of a suden o.o

It's a nice guide, and as I said before I was looking for something like this so thanks~

It'll help a lot :3

(not just me but prolly other ponys too =D )

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Thanatos and ice pick doesnt increase damage on high defense since we use a custom script that is random 5-50% damage. And defense penetration

Defense is only good against classes that can't freely use Thanatos on their glorious weapons basically any class except guillotine x since they put Thanatos on left hand.

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I've always thought that refining for +11 to 20 had their own table.
The table i saw listed a 50 30 30 20 20 10 10 10 10 10 success rate for level 4 weapons.

Well... apparently on Gro it's 10% from +11 to +20...
Dunno why it was changed, though D:
i got the official table for +11 to +20 but since it's modified on Gro it's useless to show it

Edit : How to get materials (no monsters drops) and how / where to refine after +10 added
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Thanks :D

Note : As you can see there's still missing the ATK/MATK gained pass 15 for Lvl 1, 2 and 3 weapons.

I don't know when it will be updated, on Google i can't find them.

Edit : Added Event Boxes -> gives you 10 Enriched Oridecon/Elunium (rare though)

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  • 6 months later...

is this legit? even in GRO?

It is.

But when the merge with rAthena (or whatever it is) is done, the success chances for refining from +11 to +20 might change.

But, hey, if it becomes like official i already have all of them.

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  • 6 months later...
  • 1 month later...

Wow sorry for the (very) late reply, kinda sad i didn't see this post before \o/

Nope stats doesn't affect the chances at all, basically :

Only Weapons Chances can be changed, with a Blacksmith (or higher).

It is based on Job Level, the more the Job Level is, the higher the Chance is

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