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Silvercloud's Gunslinger Build Woe / Semi Pvp


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Update as of January 24, 2013 (Quitting my Gunslinger effective today ^_^ but before that i want to share to you guys my final build please see the attached file post-33198-0-63787500-1358958073_thumb.png)

Note : I make this guide for those people who wants to know about my stat build and equips ^_^ all info bellow is true and accurate based on my personal build ^_^. So lets begin! all armors bellow is what im using during woe and in pvp

PS: my equips are not expensive except for thana and bvh
SilverCloud's Equipment build

For Headgear:

  • [TOP1] Blessed Valkyrie Helm (with kiel) -Ideal/alternative - "Prism with mayap effect" (with kiel)
    • BVH = all stat +15
    • Kiel = Reduces all skill's after-cast delay by 30%
  • [TOP2] Brazillian Hat (with gemini-S58)
    • Brazillian National Flag Hat - increase movement speed
    • Gemini-S58 - 30% resistance against silence and stun / 50% resistance against stone curse and sleep
  • [MID] Dark Blinder/Bone Mask (with kiel) and Sunglasses (with mayap) - alternative: any mid headgear will do as long it is slotted
    • Kiel = Reduces all skill's after-cast delay by 30%
    • Maya Purple = Detects hidden enemies
  • [Lower] Nebula Aura (with Dark Pinguicula) - alternative: any low headgear and card will do
    • Nebula Aura - mdef+ 35 / def rate:45 / 1% chance of autocast random deffensive buff
    • Dark Pinguicula - ATK+ 10
    • Rainbow RS = +3 all stat
    • Rainbow Sash = +5 all stat
    • marduk card = immunity to silence

For Armor, Garment and Shoes (Gunslinger's BG SET Combo) - Dex+3, Max HP + 12%, Reduce range damage by 10%, decrease cast delay of all skill by 25%

  • [ARMOR] Elite Shooter Suit (with Ghostring / Marc)
    • Marc Card - Gain Protection from freeze status and increase resistance to water property by 5% (i always wear this during woe)
    • Ghostring - Enchange armor with the ghost property (use this card as reduction)
    • Note: Don't ever use DETALE CARD or else you will regret it big time ^_^
  • [GARMENT] Sheriff's Manteau (with SinX / Raydric / Giant Whisper)
    • Sinx Card for cloaking (is a must in pvp)
    • Raydric for 20% increase resistance to neutral property attacks (i always wear this during woe)
    • Giant Whisper for additional damage
  • [sHOES] Battle Boots (with Amon / Moonie)
    • Moonie for running
    • Amon for auto kyrie level 10 (i always wear this during woe)


  • [2 pcs] Cursed Hand (with Bronzering)
    • Cursed Hand: auto cast level 1 critical wound, Hit +10, HP recovery + 20%
    • Bronzering Card: atk+ 20
    • ifrit card: increase atk, critical rate and hit every 10 job and 1%chance to cast earthquake when user received physical damage

Shield (im using shield for deffensive purposes only)

  • Valkyrja's Shield (with Golden Thief Bug / Tirfing card / Thara)
    • GTB = anti magic
    • Tirfing = receives 25% less damage from medium size monster
    • Thara Frog = Reduce damage from DemiHuman monster by 30%.

Weapon [My build for weapon can be used in woe and in pvp]

  • +10 Gold Lux [4] (with thana / sk / vrand / tgen) - note: im not a pure damage build you see ^_^
    • Thana = Inca + Tgen effect [if you dont have thana, use incantation samurai instead]
    • Sk = auto cast storm gust / freeze the enemies
    • Vrand = auto cast dispell / makes your weapon indestructable / additional 10% atk
    • Tgen = 20% atk to all enemies
  • +4~+10 Glorious Revolver (if you dont want status effect / great damage as well)

Q: Why do you use those cards? why not pure attack cards?
A: because im using Lightning Converter!.

  • If I freeze the target enemies successfully, with the help of lightning converter, i can deal with great damage! and the best part of this, they are freeze lock!
  • why im using vrand? simply because i cant affor to lose my weapon, if GS = no weapon therefor GS is useless. and the best part of this, i can auto dispell target enemy specially royal guards' reflect buff.
  • Thana is the best card, i mean the key to a greater damage.
  • Why tgen? simply because some characters are using element armors, this is better than hydra ^_^
  • additional info: if there's a devi card user, when i use lightning converter = too much pain for the target enemy and desperado skill is spammable! ouch! haha


(see the attached file below for reference ^_^, btw i already decarded my cards in weapon so its not included in the attached file)

  • [THE BASIC] Before we start please keep this in mind the ff:
    • every 5 STR provides: +1 Atk when using guns
    • every 1 DEX provides: +1 status attack damage, +0.5% weapon attack
    • every 3 LUK provides: +1 Atk / +1 Matk / +1 Hit
    • every 5 LUK provides: +1 Flee
    • every 10 LUK provides: +1 Perfect Dodge
    • Gunslinger needs to have 190 atk speed
    • Casting Time Formula: (Dex * 2) + int = Total of 530
  • [MY Gunslinger Final Build: post-33198-0-63787500-1358958073_thumb.png] i guess i'm one of the strongest GS alive ^_^
    • STR: 51+25 = for additional atk and to carry more ammos and converter!
    • AGI: 144+32 = agi and dex = 190 atk spd
    • VIT: 141+22 = to have 5++ hp
    • INT: 99+23 = (note: make this base 99+ if you want your amon: auto kyrie cast chance=10% else 3%)
    • DEX: 200+43 = main stat for damage
    • LUK: 153+28 = to avoid status such as howling and have a chance to survive royal guard's sacrifice skill and other status effect

Note: this build really works on me but still depends on your taste what cards and armors to use.... and FYI: i dont copy my build, if anyone have this kind of build, well i guess im on the right track for Gunslinger ^_^

Hope you like this topic... I'f you have suggestion and comments you can post here ^_^

During woe: "your not alone dont be afraid wearing marc card all the time because there's an rg in your team to devo you ^_^ and genetic / sorcerer to refill your sp" ^_^ but in pvp, thats a different story.


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Nice Guide. :D

You can add Angry Mouth in Low Head Gear since it reduce after cast delays by 3%.

You can add AOL[1] for the accessories. With Ifrit cards, since ifrit effect(Earth Quake) could be a Defensive counter-measure against Crit type GX.

Over all, its 9 out of 10. :D

I already gave my Perfect 10 to Glaze's GS Guide. :D

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Nice Guide. :D

You can add Angry Mouth in Low Head Gear since it reduce after cast delays by 3%.

You can add AOL[1] for the accessories. With Ifrit cards, since ifrit effect(Earth Quake) could be a Defensive counter-measure against Crit type GX.

Over all, its 9 out of 10. :D

thanks for the rating.... ^_^

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  • 4 months later...

Hi guys, ill be quitting my Gunslinger now.. so i updated my last status build and equips + added a screenshot of my build and woe record.. hope you guys like it and made this as your reference..

PS: looking forward for future Gunslinger players in-game..

Thank you,


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