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Brasilis Dungeon Entrance Quest


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Brasilis Dungeon Entrance Quest


- Base level 40

- Coconuts (amount varies) [can be purchased from the Fruit Gardener (brasilis 221 128)]


- Base EXP

- Access to Brasilis Dungeon (though this is possible via the @warp command anyway)

Side Notes

- The quest cannot be repeated

- It also does not reward one with a Coupon Point.

Step 1

Speak to any one of the group of children in the centre of Brasilis (brasilis 181 250). When prompted "ask about the gossip" and they will tell you about a ghost in the bathroom at the Museum. The children will also tell you about some spells which will be required later.

Mother the door won't open!

Mother the water is flooding!

Mother the drought has started!

Mother where are my friends?

Where are you mom?


Step 2

Enter the Museum (brasilis 149 162) and head to the entrance of the bathroom. However the Curator (bra_in01 7 181) refuses to let you enter so claim "I forgot something inside" and after some complaining he will let you inside if you give him a Coconut.


Step 3

Insider the bathroom, first interact with the Door (bra_in01 149 183) at the far end of the room. Turn the key and then write the spell "Mother the door won't open!" when prompted. Then turn the key 7 times.


Step 4

Next use the Toilet (bra_in01 143 185) and enter the words "Mother the water is flooding!" Then flush the toilet 3 times.


Step 5

Next examine the Faucet (bra_in01 134 187) and enter "Mother the drought has started!" Following this you will need to turn the water on 1 time only.


Step 6

Take a look at the Carpet (bra_in01 137 184) and enter "Mother where are my friends?" Shake the carpet 7 times.


Step 7

Examine the Mirror (bra_in01 148 180). Finally you will need to enter "Where are you mom?" and a ghost will appear. Take the bandage off her eyes and a dice will roll. If you get a number lower than that of the ghost you will lose half of your HP and have to repeat steps 2 - 7. You may not have to repeat the steps at all, or if you're unlucky several times.


Step 8

After getting a higher number than the ghost when the dice is rolled you will get warped into a sewer pipe. Walk to the end of the pipe and investigate the Open Manhole (bra_in01 206 185). The ghost will appear once more to tell you her story.

Once she's gone you can enter Brasilis Dungeon through the manhole (though it's also possible to just warp in there without doing the quest). You can also manually return to the sewer pipe by flushing the toilet in the bathroom again which you can now enter without giving the Curator a coconut.


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