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Brasilis Water Lily Quest


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Brasilis Water Lily Quest


- 10x Banana

- 5x Coconut [both can be purchased from the Fruit Gardener (brasilis 221 128)]


- Base & Job EXP

- Flower Lily

Side Notes

- The quest does not reward a Coupon Point

- The quest is not repeatable

- It appears the card gets removed automatically from the Flower Lily eventually

- Blue Stone = Leaf Cat Card

- Green Stone = Dryad Card

- Red Stone = Leib Olmai Card

Step 1

Speak to Botanist Karmen in Brasilis (brasilis 203 286) who will talk about water lilies. You'll be asked to look for Marta.


Step 2

Find Marta (bra_in01 142 27) in the inn and listen to her story.


Step 3

Go outside the inn and speak to the Brasilis Girl (brasilis 270 145) and ask her what's wrong. Tell her that you're just trying to help and you will find out that her name is Jasira and she will talk to you about someone called Jasi and a water lily. Tell Jasira that you will help her and she will request you to find Jasi.


Step 4

Head to the second floor of Brasilis Dungeon and find the Recluse (bra_dun02 67 205). Once you ask him if he is the moon he will tell you that he's actually Jasi.


Step 5

Talk to the Water Lily next to Jasi (bra_dun02 73 200) and attempt to pick up the flower. Jasi will however stop you and you will have to give him 10 Bananas. You will be asked to bring him 5 more of a certain fruit, but he forgot the name.


Step 6

Return to the Jasira (brasilis 270 145) and after getting rather excited she will tell you that the fruit Jasi was talking about is a Coconut.


Step 7

Head back to Jasi (bra_dun02 67 205) and give him 5 Coconuts.


Step 8

Click on the Water Lily (bra_dun02 73 200) next to Jasi again and you will receive a Lotus Flower.


Step 9

Once again go back to Jasira (brasilis 270 145) and she will turn your Lotus Flower into a Flower Lily containing either a red, blue or green stone. Which one you get is random.


Step 10

Lastly return to Botanist Karmen (brasilis 203 286) and she will reward you with base and job EXP.


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