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I may or may not upload more from here, but I just needed a place to show some friends something I drew.

I'm going to try to sketch up some more stuff for RO, we'll see.

Here's another one.


My soul linker Aendu.


My baby hunter Arquei with two of his dogs which I may color later!


Some quick sketches of my Genetic, Oeche.

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Thank you Mirri! And yes, it's a baby desert wolf. The Warg for the baby ranger is almost the same size, it's adorable! <:

And thank you again, Satan! That's really sweet of you to say. <:3c

Edit: Huh.. I sort of based it on existing NPC sizes, but I suppose I could shrink it if necessary! It's easier to shrink than expand, so. <:

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No wayyyy I WISH!!! And I think your lines are tidy and wonderful!!!!

Sai is overall easy to use and I find it more comfortable than Photoshop with it's simpler tools, so. e w e!!!


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Got to agree with you there. I really dislike drawing in PS. I prefer to just edit colours and do effects in there after drawing in SAI. I read about some other drawing software more recently but I forgot what it was called. I think it's Japanese software though. I wish I could remember so I can try it out. (;~; )

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