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Dating Quest Improvement

Holly Enix

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Dear Players,

I would like to upgrade the Dating Quest for slotting more mid-headgears.

Since there's already the Noble Mask and the 3D Glasses out, that have an effect, I also decided to let the headgears keep the original effect.

Also, I'd like to further improve the dating quest by enabling you to make more slotted Mid Headgears and new Upper Headgears too!

I can't say yet when I'll be done working on it. I'm quite busy at the moment and I take my time to provide quality.

But first, I'm hosting this Event:

PM me in the forums with Dialogue possibilities for Oliver. Posts in this topic will be ignored.

This event lasts until I have enough dialogues. 10 Minutes before it ends, I'll announce ingame.

Pattern of the PM:

My Character Name: Holly Enix

Dialogue 1
Oliver: What do you consider worst at cheating in a relationship?
#1 The guy hanging out with other girls.
#2 A kiss.
#3 Sex or having feelings for someone else.

Intimacy & Answer
-1 crush #1 Your boyfriend must be very restricted with girls, huh? I don't really like your point of view on that.
+0 crush #2 A kiss? Yeah true, but I think sex or having feelings for someone else is worse.
+1 crush #3 So do I! We're on the same wavelength!

Dialogue 2
Oliver: Do you prefer to be indoor or outdoor?
#1 Indoor.
#2 Outdoor.

Intimacy & Answer
-1 crush #1 What a couch potato.
+1 crush #2 Being outdoor is great, I love the nature.

Please do not use more than 3 answer possibilities.

There can be 2 answers with negative effects, or answers with no negative effects, but always one +1.

Meaning either -1 -1 +1 or -1 +0 +1 or +0 +0 +1 (with different positions, of course)

Dialogues don't always have to be Questions+Answers. It can also be a statement that the respond is a comment to.

For every 1 Dialogue that I approve, you'll get 3m Zeny.

For every 1 Dialogue that I do not approve, you'll get 1m Zeny.

For every 10th Dialogue that I approve you get 1 extra Mithril

For every 15th Dialogue that I approve you get 1 extra Event Surprise Box

For every 50th Dialogue that I approve you get 1 extra Random GM Box

Let's say you made 30 Dialogues and I approved of 20.

Prize would be 70,000,000 Zeny(20x3m + 10*1m), 2 Mithril (20/10), 1 Event Surprise Box (20/15)

This is an optional way for you to make some money.

I think the prizes are quite fair, as this is rather easy. If you're very creative I might add a surprise to your reward!!


(That's a minimum of 150m Zeny, 5 Mithril, 3 Event Surprise Box, 1 Random GM Box)

If you write more, you can just go sure to have enough approved ones to reach a certain goal.

Any dialogue quantity above 50 will be rewarded as "not approved" (1m Zeny)


I don't have to justify myself if I don't approve any dialogues.

Reasons may be that I have a similar one already, or that I simply don't like it.

Also, dialogues may be changed.


Do not send in extremely pervert or abusive dialogues or you will be punished and no dialogue will be rewarded.


Q: What is "crush", or -1 +0 +1?

A: "crush" is the variable for intimacy points. -1 = you loose 1 intimacy point, +0 = neutral, +1 = you gain 1 intimacy point

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