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Lower Slotted Headgears & Fixes


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Starting Today we introduce to you Marybelle, the lower headgear designer.

Marybelle can add a slot to your lower headgears which will make them more usefull.

* For a full list of slottable headgears, ask the npc itself. She is located at (althea 165,109)

Item Changes

* As a follow up to the pumpkin rucksack, Poring and Deviling Rucksack now give an increase in stats too.

* Added Kalunium and respective drops to multiple mobs

Skill Changes

* According to official, Aimed Bolt, Arrow Storm and Fear Breeze lost their cast time and Warg Dash got its delay reduced

* Magenta, Verdure, Cobalt and Maize Trap got their stay time increased to 30 seconds and the triggering got fixed as well.

* Thorn Trap can not be casted right under a players feet anymore.

* Hundred Spear range increased to 3 cells

* We implemented Reflect Damage again (experimental) since we are getting crash dumps again, even if it crashes, we will see what causes it.

Misc Changes

* @guildskill command got disabled to prevent abuse

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Great update.

A few question:

  • I'm at althea 165 109 and I don't see the npc yet
  • Do Poring and Deviling Rucksack also increase all stats by +2?
  • With lower slotted headgears introduced, won't that make Nebula Aura obsolete (kinda pricy to make if you consider it's effect compared to the new lower slotted)?
  • What cards can and can't be used on lower slotted gear?

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on anything. :)

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i don't know exactly how the allowing lower headgears to be slotted will affect the game, but it is in my honest opinion that it wont be good. it has been suggested before and i believe it was rejected. but thats just me

P.S. Triple Arc angelings anyone?

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Hahahaha....No. I have found a system that prevents certain cards from being slotted to lower headgears. if you still try it...well you will find out that you cant equip the headgear anymore.

Nebula can be upgraded too with the npc to only use lower slot instead of mid/lower

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  • What's the success rate of it working?
  • What's the success rate of it failing (changing your item into something diff)?
  • Do the rucksacks' effect changed from +2 non slotted to ? slotted?
  • What cards can't be used on the lower slotted?

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@ Beastboy: Is it possible to make it so that the slotted Pirate Dagger can still work in the Pirate Treasure Quest? I'm thinking the item might not work for it after it's been slotted.

BTW guys, mobs that drop Kalunium are found by typing in the @whodrops command. (Just for those who don't know!)

Oh, and I hope this means that certain event-only lower gears may have a chance to be obtainable again. *crosses fingers for this subliminal message to come across to the developers, pretty please...?* I'd love to someday own a slotted Deviling Rucksack myself. :9

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