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Telecryphos Ranger Guide By Glaze


What Kind of Ranger are you?  

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  1. 1. What ranger are you?

    • Auto Attack Ranger!!
    • Falcon Ranger!!
    • Trap Ranger
    • Perfect Dodge Ranger!!
    • Perfect Dodge Trapping Ranger(the Guide was based on this)
    • Man traps are two hard to use thanks for the perfect dodge info :D

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Table of Contents

  • Prologue
  • Advantages and Disadvantages.
  • Gear Items & Cards.
  • Building your own Build.
  • Playing Ranger
  • Comments


Prologue: My Story starts out as a bored person wanting to play a challenging class. I noticed that all the rangers were auto attack rangers, so I wanted to tear up that tradition due to its huge flaws!

as of now only one ranger I know I haven't beaten, Beastboy, the big boy Ranger!! Well I'm pretty sure I can win against any other ranger out there. I basically tore the tradition up and decided to hunt those worshipers of the auto attack frenzy (autoblitzers). To honestly put it, I basically played ranger to beat other rangers up and somehow managed to own all the other close range classes and occasionally win against unskilled magic types. If you plan to read any further be prepared to waste some cash and time.


Advantages and Disadvantages: Obviously the advantage is being a major annoyance to all classes hard to catch awesome evasion and obviously the range. Disadvantage is harder to play hard to reduce damage w/o a shield. Disadvantage No high mobility skills except Skid trap (which is annoying to use). Advantage easy 50kx25 for the fast players (me) usually an instant KO and traps STATUS traps! Obviously the ability to use perfect dodge against auto attack rangers!!!


Gear- As always I prefer looking at stuff in a wide range all possibilities!

5308.png?nocache=768865661 or30006.png?nocache=581184733 Headgear(Top) - Brazil Hat or Hermes with Gemini. #2 Kiel

Any Headgear(Mid) - #1 Maya Purple #2 Gemini #3 Kiel

Any Headgear(Low) - Anything unless you used nebula for mid.

2390.gif Armor(option 1) - Refined Tights Obviously for perfect dodge. - Unfro / Tao / ED / Garm / Pest

Armor(option 2) -

Armor of the Hellspawn anti freeze?
2433.png?nocache=1183964534 Shoe - Diabolus Shoes ~ Moonie and Amon Ra
2524.png?nocache=1875373981 Garment - Valkyrian Manteau ~Assassin Cross / Deviling +7 or higher refine rate
2749.png?nocache=1466446477 Accessories - Linen Gloves ~Yoyo
1746.png?nocache=17604696751704.png?nocache=598729523 &1223.png?nocache=431622383Weapons - Elven Bow( Thanatos or Incantation Samurai ) Composite Bow ( Status Cards Mainly Immobilizers; Blockring, Stormy Knight, Plankton, Thanatos Maero , Dark Priests )

Multiple Bows Work Nicely. Fortune Sword to pump your PD by 20!

12320.png?nocache=1584473641525.png?nocache=68654075514510.png?nocache=205937620712437.png?nocache=2086223178Items - Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee, Panacea, Light Awakening Potion, Concentrated Ceromain Soup


Building your own build.

Obviously this is where most people go wrong, most rangers fear being masqueraded. To be honest having gtb is enough Sap there SP with traps and you should be good to put off some good distance

This is my build which should work with most other players.

Aim for atleast 70 PD with jubilee and without fortune sword.


Depends on the ranger really if you aren't much of a trapper you can add more vit or luk by subtracting int.

Remember to use jubilee against other rangers to piss the fuck out of them when they can't auto blitz!!!

Feel Free to modify the build.


Playing Ranger - this is where many give up as well playing ranger, most rangers around are auto attack rangers the challenge in traps is placement. To practice simply dual client and SHIFT+ RIGHT CLICK your ranger with a HP whore like an RK and learn to lay traps while running away.

Never Auto attack a GX poison react will poison you with leech end or mushrooms which can be lethal if you do not reduce your max HP using the following techniques

  • Remove tao to reduce your max HP this will make you survive 1 leech end.
  • Equip LK ~ this again will make you survive 1 leech end.
  • Another LK ~ this again will make you survive 1 leech end.
  • Equip Lady Tanee ~ this is the last one way to survive!!

About Traps.

To push them using Arrow Shower - To bad I'm to lazy to post pictures well if i have time I would.

Claymore and Blast Mine moves 4 cells in line from the user.

The rest are very frail traps that tend to disappear after you've pushed them twice. They tend to move down if pushed from right on top of each other. to put it simply push from opposite side to achieve proper direction.

Falcon Vs Warg

Atm falcon serves a greater purpose with it being based purely on dex and int while Warg is based on (wATK*Cards+sATK)

Long range uncloaker so Falcon would be more useful in a every situation.


My Comments: Welcome to my Realm of Ranger!

  • Feel Free to post especially other rangers I've probably beaten *hahaha I'm such a bully*
  • Gemini works really well against other rangers to prevent from being stoned by pest and to help against the risks from Resurrection.
  • Most non damaging statuses bypass pnuema.
  • Most Rangers don't use gemini so own them with stone curse and stack some traps or use Resurrection
  • Double Strafe is your best friend personally I believe that this will help you more than auto attacking due to its high DPS and already low global cooldown of 100ms.
  • If the opponent is using reduction switch to statuses to immobilize them then trap stack and bang.
  • If the opponent has immunities to immobilization then switch to snares and damage double strafe.
  • Draining an opponents SP is crucial when it comes to evasion with no SP they have no skills so auto attack is there only way to do damage, which is useless against a perfect dodge ranger.
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What's there to update I mean other using two Kiel's would kinda contradict my pd trapper build? Use of arrow storm in the first place was to be able to hit them in cloak simply two Kiel's would make you either stone cursed or resurrected other maybe adding screen shots of how traps would work.

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