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Glaze's Makeshift Mado/mechanic Guide


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Well I was suppose to be semi-retired but I had a few requests before I left so yeah this isn't my best guide ever but at least it will clear up some people's minds.

My opinion about this class

Ton of potential, ugly sprites, Semi-Flawed and Broken.

Fun Facts

This the only class where armor element is your best reduction, with wind property armor obtainable via shapeshift with Valkyrie Shield every elemental except neutral is reduced by a certain amount. To make this even class even more annoying Neutral Barrier blocks close range attacks based on hit.

The FAW system this is a great asset to your arsenal. Basically summoning slaves to kill the opponent these tiny turrets reek havoc upon Hell Box!!

This class is the only major physical class that has a healing method unrelated to regen. Repair is based on Vit.

Turrets auto cast spells so Stormy Knight card inside your weapon will activate when turret is in play same thing with elemental sword and Valkyrie Randgris

Mado Vs Mechanic

Mado wins. Obviously with the ability block all close range attacks(based on hit). + Mado has self destruct can easily turn into a mechanic.

TN: When using Mado the accessories do not need to be on to perform the skill IE: flame launcher works with flame thrower in the inventory, does not work if item is in cart.

Weapons for Mado/Mechanic

+10 Pilebunker[1] - Best weapon 100% on everything most attack in game.

+10 Elemental Sword[3] - Purely for FAW system.

+10 Hurricane Fury[1] - Good weapon for balance player built in reduction + high attack.

+10 Doom Slayer [1] - Status weapon + damage weapon mean strongest Axe

+10 Veterans Axe[2] Flexible Axe for Creative players.

+10 Gigantic Axe[1] - Purely for Cart Termination, though I haven't tested it.


No long range blocking skills.

Currently High Cool Down skills

Skills Not balanced for High rate

Skills not working properly / Outdated

Heavy Weight

Well this list can go on and on but those are what I can think of at the moment.

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+1 for this

Nice write-up Glaze. ;)

The "FLAWS" is somewhat noticeable (cause my main character is a Mechanic and I'm fond of its skills)

Can I give some write-ups about this?

"No long range blocking skills" - Front and Backslide can be an advantage for this and for other skills though when caught up by such Status effect, you can be in big trouble.

"Currently High Cool Down skills" - TRUE. Without Sacrament or Bragi around and/or equips, attacking (specially Major damage skills) can difficult to handle alone and some defense/buffs skills lack in duration of effect (e.g. neutral barrier and hovering)

"Skills Not balanced for High rate and Skills not working properly / Outdated" - Please update.. :( :P

"Heavy Weight"- requires catalysts/ingre in some skills thou mounting on Mado gives additional weight capacity it is still not enough and need to go back and forth at storage for items.


this must also be posted in the "Suggestion" thread(?) :P

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