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Domino's Cap Quest Guide


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.~*~. Notice Start .~*~.

Hi, welcome to Domino's Cap Quest Guide page! I've made this to help those who might need help doing the quest and to help them make it a bit easier by adding details. Please, kindly READ the whole guide very very CAREFULLY and make sure you FULLY UNDERSTAND it. So that if ever you have a question about the quest that I might have answered already, it will save you time typing the same question that has already been asked. But if you still have questions that I haven't answered yet, please post your reply to this topic or PM me. Thank you! <3

.~*~. Notice End .~*~.


Supported by Coupon Redemption Staff: Yes. This quest gives 1 coupon point.

Required Base Level/Job Level: None/None

Repeatable: Cannot be repeated by the same character who already did this quest.

Yes, you can make nine (9) pieces of Domino's Cap if you have nine (9) characters in one (1) account and that is if you are that determined to do those.

Other Quest(s) Required: Pizza Quest

Required for: None

Product: 1 piece of 30009.gifDomino's Cap




~First, talk to the Domino's Pizza Employee that can be found near 9 o'clock of Izlude (izlude 99 139.)



~He'll then ask you to bring a Pizza for the first test for applying to be a Domino's Pizza employee. Please click this link: Pizza Quest to know how to make a Pizza.

Once you made the Pizza give it to him for the taste test. Ofcourse you will pass so don't worry.



~Next task will be your second and final test. He'll then give you 5 pieces of Doublecrust Swiss Fondeau (first image) for you to deliver for their customers

and a Delivery List (second image) for the list of the customers.



~Double click the Delivery List (it will appear as the image above) and you'll see who are the customers that are waiting for those Doublecrust Swiss Fondeaus and where you can find them.


.~*~. Reminder Start .~*~.


~Once you found the customer give 1 piece of Doublecrust Swiss Fondeau to him/her and take the Receipt they'll gonna give you and keep it.

Keep in mind that you must deliver those 5 pieces of Doublecrust Swiss Fondeau to 5 customers (one for each) and get the 5 pieces of Receipt (picture above) from each of them, in order to pass the test.

.~*~. Reminder End .~*~.


~Alright, now let's start delivering those 5 pieces of Doublecrust Swiss Fondeau to the waiting customers.


~Sussie is the first customer on the list and can be found in Alberta (alberta 89 135)

She's the little girl with pigtails. Give her 1 piece of Doublecrust Swiss Fondeau and then she'll give your first Receipt.



~Cathy is your second customer and she's in Prontera (prontera 104 266)

She's waiting for you with her kitty. Talk to her and give her 1 piece of Doublecrust Swiss Fondeau and she'll give your second Receipt.



~Third customer is James. Who is the shivering guy and is angrily waiting for you in Lutie (xmas 211 133)

Quickly talk to him and give him 1 piece of Doublecrust Swiss Fondeau and he'll give you your third Receipt.



~The fourth customer is Regina and she's in Lighthalzen (lighthalzen 197 238)

She might not notice you immediately but then just talk to her and give her 1 piece of Doublecrust Swiss Fondeau and she'll give your fourth Receipt.



~The fifth customer is Bryan. The little boy who's a bit afraid because his older brother is getting very impatient waiting for you. He can be found in Geffen (geffen 89 200)

Just talk to him and give him the last 1 piece of Doublecrust Swiss Fondeau and he'll give your fifth Receipt.



~Now that you've delivered all those 5 pieces of Doublecrust Swiss Fondeau and holding the 5 pieces of Receipt,

go back to Domino's Pizza Employee in Izlude (izlude 99 139) and give those to him.



~Yay! Finally, you passed the second test and you are now an official Domino's Pizza employee.

For that he will give you the company's uniform, the Domino's Cap. Congratulations!


Source and Credit:

~GatheringRO Custom Quests Guide by GM Argatlahm

~Those who read and use this guide.

~People of gRO, my inspiration to make guides. <3



December 03, 2008 ~ I'm currently updating my guides.

December 12, 2008 ~ Fixed some words. Added Notice.

April 12, 2009 ~ Added the info about this quest giving a coupon point.


To the reader:

If you have any questions you can ask it here or feel free to PM me anytime.

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very good, and nice graphics, wish i had read this before i did it myself, took me a few days to look for it even though it wasnt that hard~^^. if i get a domnio pizza from the hat when i kill a monster will it replace the pizza required to start this quest, so i can use it on another character, my hyphthsis is that it isnt the same pizza bc i tried to @ali to get more pizzas while hunting and there were two id numbers one for the hat and one something else i think....great guide as always~

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