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Sweet Valentine Quest - Cupid The Original

Kenzie Riann

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Alright, Edwa bothered me for a guide, so here it is.


First, let's find Cupid, shall we?

Warp to (@warp jawaii 203 293) and speak with Cupid. Speak with him until he
gives you a dialogue box with options to choose. The first option does nothing,
so ignore that one. Let's begin with the second option.


Help with Forbidden Love
Item Requirements
Pet Incubator

(Available from the Pet Shop in GatheringRO Station)

After speaking with Cupid, he'll tell you about a girl he's in love with. He doesn't
know her name though. How awkward. He mentions that she has been seen in
the 5th and 9th fields of Mjolnir*. So, let's go find her!

Mountain Mjolnir
As stated before, there are multiple places that she can be found. 3, to be exact.

@warp mjolnir_09 88 127

@warp mjolnir_09 137 80

@warp mjolnir_05 180 64

Warp the the 3rd location first. If she's there, speak with her. She'll tell you that
she is forbidden from meeting men. Continue speaking with her, until she gives
you her map.

If she is NOT at the 3rd location, then warp to the first two locations, until you see
the words, "Lady Solace went to the flowers." in your chat box. Then, return to
the 3rd location, and speak with her.

The Map
Read her map, and it well tell you some coordinates. Write these down.

Go to Althea, and use the Eastern most portal, near the venders. That takes you
to the 8th field of Althea. Use /where to get to the coordinates. Stand directly on
the spot the map says, and click the map again. You will receive her item.

Taming Lady Solace
Once you have her item, return to her.
(Again, if she is not at the flowers, then go watch her naked until she returns to the flowers.
You creep.)

Simply put Lady Solace into her harp, then grab a Pet Incubator, and return to Cupid.

Hatch Lady Solace, and speak with Cupid again.

At this point, you are given two options.


If you decide to keep Lady Solace, you will NOT get the headgears!
You will only get to keep Lady Solace as a pet!
(...I think? I haven't tried that. xD Someone confirm for me?)


Decide to let them be a couple.

If you decide to let them be a couple, you will be able to choose between four headgears.

Headgear Rewards
5822.png5822.png Love Chick Hat

5489.png5489.png Love Daddy Hat

18546.png18546.png Lover In Mouth

5795.png5795.png Valentines Flower Hat[1]


And that's it for the first part! Congrats, and enjoy! :)

And now, on to the last option!


Help Pass on the Duty
Item Requirements

100 Wooden Heart

(100% drop from Wooden Golem [um_dun02] )

150 Heart of Mermaid

(Available from Alchemy Shop in GatheringRO Station)

100 Immortal Heart

(Available from Alchemy Shop in GatheringRO Station)

100 Glacial Heart

(100% drop from Ice Titan, Gazeti, Snowier, and Siroma [ice_dun03] )

33 Blue Feather

(50% drop from Observation [Thanatos Tower] )

(20% drop from Solace [Thanatos Tower] )

Puppy Love

(0.1% drops from Cat 'o Ninetails [pay_dun04] )

(Obtained from Old Blue Box and Old Purple Box)

All monsters are also available in Endless Tower.

Speak to Cupid, and select the 3rd option. Really, I fully suggest hunting the items

before you begin. This way, you don't have to warp back and forth to know the next

This part is so easy, when you have the items.

Just simply have everything in your inventory, and speak to Cupid. He will take all the
items for you, and in return, reward you with a headgear, an accessory and a costume.

5393.png5393.png Valentine Hat
5823.png5823.png Arrow of Love[1]

19512.png19512.png Costume Heart Eye Patch


And that's it!

Enjoy your new items. :)

Notes and credits:

Thank you, to Holly Enix for her hard work on a new quest this year. <3
Thank you to M3oMun for lending me a Puppy Love. ;D <3
Thank you to Reika l Deadly Petal for letting me know that Puppy Love is also obtained from OBB and OPB.
And no thank you to Edwa, for keeping me awake at 6 am and making me write a guide. No love for you. KOS for life.

*Mjolnir is pronounced (mee-ohl-neer) Not as (em-jol-neer) FRANCIS. |: Fun fact.


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This was from last year's event and it's not on at the moment. I'm not sure if we're skipping the Valentine's stuff this year or if we're getting something new entirely at a later date. It's a shame, because I rather liked this event and would want to see it repeated, if only for the chance to get an AoL.

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  • Everade changed the title to Sweet Valentine Quest - Cupid The Original

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