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Weather Headgear


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Weather Headgear


Item(s) (Consumed):

  • 70 Wind of Verdure Item ID# 992 (dropped by Grand Peco - yuno_fild08)
  • 500 Cloud Crumb Item ID# 7162 (dropped by Evil Cloud Hermit - gon_dun03)
  • 1 Rainbow Eggshell (make by NPC Vending Machine xmas 117, 295)
  • 15 Rainbow Carrot Item ID# 622 (dropped by eclipse or lunatic)
  • 500 Crystalized Teardrop Item ID# 6075 (dropped by Aqua Elemental - nid_dun01)

1. Walk near Weather Witch at gef_fild03 357 194. The witch likes to blow people away so you must come many time until her is not blow. Good luck! :lol:


2. When Weather Witch not blow you, then reply to her with the following:

Note: If directly copying/pasting, be careful not to copy any spaces at the beginning or end of the phrase, as it will not work correctly.

  • hau me sol ilsaurj selini destro
  • inebelcerimat orhonurnoldu
  • chetasathkelald honemrothuskther
  • wartheraughnalu verasharddyni
  • ardghasaydanang nyhintorem

Once you complete, she will reward you with a Weather[1]



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