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Moscovia Art Event


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1.- this is an art contest for the following things:

  • Zmey Gorpinich Card
  • Mavka Card
  • Uzhas Card
  • Baba Yaga Card

2.- The application rules are pretty simple:

  • NO Plagiarism (that means no copying) : I'll use my ban hammer on you, all seriousness.
  • It can be a drawing, photo manipulation, illustrator vectors, etc.
  • Try -not- to add "GatheringRO" to the drawing. We'll be adding it with our logo file. You can make an empty space for it though.
  • If you're gonna photo manipulate or use vectors not made by you, cite sources and links if possible.
  • Don't add RL pics of people, things, or anything related to RL. It's a RO Server, not facebook.
  • There is no limit to the amount of contributions you can make as an artist, or a group of artists. (This means, you can submit at least one entry in each category.)
  • Go for broke on the Card Art. I might add some extra rewards.

3.- Specifications

- Card Art

  • 500x600.
  • Save them as PSD or 24-Bit BMP or 24-Bit PNG.
  • Drawings only, should look similiar to the official card illustrations.

4.- Other Delimitations

  • The event is due the 1st of March.
  • All entries should be received by then.
  • Rewards will be announced when the winners are known but you can be sure they will be kinda big this time.

thanks to Mahrze for letting me use the layout for the Thread

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Altough i am pretty sure that there will never be official cards released for moscovia (mainly because Gravity doesnt give 2 shits about already released and finished projects). If there should be official cards, the cards will have their official effect but with the custom Artwork from this event.

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  • 2 weeks later...

@zeal yes, you can colorize it by hand as long as you can post it in this thread after colorizing it.

Just a little Information beforehand, since im not Mahrze, i'll give out prices for everyone who entered the competition (that means that even if you dont win, you still get prices for your hard work)

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Does it have to be in before midnight of March the 1st, or within the 24 hour span of March the 1st? Also, will this be based on the server time?

Reason for the Spanish Inquisition: I might be cutting it close to the due date since I've been busy and keep forgetting about the contest, blaurggrghrghh~~

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