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Account Plus - Premium Membership

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    Account Plus - Premium Membership

Account Plus is a premium membership that delivers several benefits!
This premium mode runs for your whole account, and expires automatically when the membership is over.
Your membership can be extended at any time for another 1, 3 or 6 months.
1 Month membership costs 550 Cash Points while the 3 and 6 months versions offer you a small discount.


The Account Plus Membership item can be found in the VIP Account section of our in-game cash shop.
To access the cash shop, simply click on the cash shop icon at the top right corner right next to the minimap.

The following benefits are given during the entirety of your Account Plus Membership duration:



    Premium Commands

During your membership, you get access to exclusive premium commands.


      @aura        (Get access to 64 exclusive Character Auras, everyone can see)

     @mount     (Enable/Disable your personal mount)
    @mount2    (Enable/Disable your secondary mount)
 @petrename  (Rename your pet when you feel like it)



    Storage Capacity

Increase your maximum storage capacity by an additional +300 individual items, while your premium membership is active.




- This bonus affects your main storage only.

- If your premium membership runs out while you're currently above the max storage capacity (e.g 745/500), make sure to clean up the storage for missing items to re-appear. This is only a client-side visual limitation. You can also re-active your membership to regain access right away.



    Character Slots

Get acces to 3 additional character slots!
Characters which are created during your premium membership can be kept ones the membership time runs out (until character has been deleted).
This allows you to get a total of 15 characters for your account!





    Drop Rate Boost

Gain a global +50% boost on all item drop rates, except shared treasure chest loot.
This global modifier is reflected in the chat/battle log when using drop rate information commands while in the game.

Drop Rate Examples:
- Poring Card with an original drop rate of 1%, will have its drop rate chance increased to a total of 1.5%.
- A Knife with an original drop rate of 30%,  will have its drop rate chance increased to a total of 45%.

- Additional drop boost consumables like bubble gums will stack on top of this global drop rate modifier.

- Bosses featuring a treasure chest using the shared loot system are not affected by this or any other drop rate boost bonuses.


    Bonus Experience

Recieve +50% bonus experience when killing monsters.
This global modifier is reflected in the chat/battle log when experience logs are being displayed in the game.


- Additional experience boost consumables like Field Manuals will stack on top of this global experience rate modifier.



    Premium Services

Some NPCs may offer their services for a lower amount of ingame currency (zeny), or offer you additional services and features that are exclusive to the premium membership!


Hypnotizer Service
Skill and Attribute resets don't cost you any zeny. Use this service for free!


Universal Rental Service Currently unavailable
The famous breeder Rizer offers any Rune Knight who's seeking a mount, to choose between multiple dragon color variations.


Gemstone Requirement

Skills that usualy consume gemstones to be cast, will no longer consume any.

This is the perfect alternative to a Mistress card effect as it removes gemstone requirements on skills entirely!


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5 hours ago, Derpotato said:



How do I check the status/duration of my account plus membership?


By logging in on the gro website - My account - You wil get to see your vip status info's

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On 5/30/2020 at 7:00 PM, Khaii said:


By logging in on the gro website - My account - You wil get to see your vip status info's


Thanks for this! I was able to see it. /ok 


On 5/30/2020 at 7:14 PM, Everade said:

On the next update, it will be shown upon login. /ok



Oooh! Looking forward to this update. /no1 

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