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New Year's

Holly Enix

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Happy New Year!

Every monster drops an Extravagant Firecracker until 8th January, which have a new effect. Also, some rare effects might be inside some of those.

But take care, they might explode in your hands - you don't wanna blackout , do you?

New Content from this Event:

  • New Pets along with new pet effects, 50% chance to tame them
  • New Firecracker effects

PS: You got to have a Universal Tamer or a Sorcerer to do Abracadabra!

New Pets + Loyal Effect

Hillslion (Chance to cast Self Provoke Lv 1 on you)

Toucan (Perfect Dodge +3)

Aliza (cast Heal Level 5 when master HP is lower than 25%, with a 60 sec cast delay)

Chipmunk (Luk+5, Crit+5)

Electric Snail (Chance to cast Electric Walk Lv 1 when being hit)

Guiana (Chance to cast Heavens Drive Lv 3 when being hit)

Leaf Bird (Chance to cast Vacuum Extreme Lv 1 when being hit)

Octopus (Chance to cast Waterball Lv 4 when being hit)

Holly Enix

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Holyy my dreams came true!!!!!!!

Edit: For confirmation, ALL MONSTER ARE TAMEABLE on ALL MAPS??

OMG I errored when i walked futher into the map :( now im back to althea :"(


not only me, someone else errored on the map too.


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i'm a pet/headgear collector so this was one of the best events you could have thinked of =D

but i got a question, does the pets have custome lines? i mean (if they speak) they have custome dialogue? =o

and awwww they got no performance :/

tnx GM team =)

and happy new year everyone ^-^

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