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Christmas Event : Santa Claus


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Merry Christmas to all!!

This is my first guide, so i hope you guys like it. =)

Ok, so let's start...

Santa Claus


Can be found in the cities of :

-Althea(@go 0) at cords 185 109

-Morocc(@go 1) at cords 158 104

-Geffen(@go 2) at cords 119 70

-Payon(@go 3) at cords153 231

-Alberta(@go 4) at cords 117 70

-Prontera(@go 26) at cords 156 285

(if you don't know how to use cords here is a little help: type @go(number of city/you can as well type the name of the city) then use @jump (and put here the cords)

(other way of doing it is typing @warp(name of the city) and (cords)

(tnx Zie)

Once you speak to Santa 5 options will appear :


-Santa Claus

-Gift Boxes

-Santa Custome

-Not much really...

To start the mini game u'll need to chose the "Gift Boxes" option, the others are only dialogue.

He will speak to you and then 2 options will appear:

-No, thanks.

-Yes, I would.

Obviously the "Yes, I would." option will start the mini game.

Santa will explain the mini game, but i'll explain it here too. He will mix 3 cards : Poring, Angeling, Ghostering, then he'll pick one and you'll have to chose between the 3 cards. once u chose one he will let you see his card, if you are right u get 1 point, u need at least 3 to get a prize. Getting more than 3 doesn't means you'll get a good prize, even tho i belive it gives a higher chance.

If you fail, don't worry just talk to santa again and he will start the game again, if you guess 3 cards right(at least 3 are needed to get a prize) Santa will give you a prize, and then if you want to play again, you'll have to wait 1 hour(with the same character), BUT u can allways change character and do it again, if you get it right you'll have to wait 1 hour witht ht char as well(doesn't needs to be logged in during the 1 hour) u can keep changing characters untill you get what you want.

The prize is random, here is the list of what i and some friends who helpped me in the guide got:

-10 Love You Firecracker

-10 Merry Christmas Firecracker

-10 Well-Backed Cookie

-10 Buche De Noel

-5 Chocolate Tart

-3 Pancakes

-3 Santa's Bag

-Christmas Tree Hat [1]

Gatheringro 2010 Christmas Headgear

A chrsitmas tree on your head!

You can feel the spirit of christmas when wearing this.

Increase your mdef by 24 and enables you to use lvl 1 Storm Gust.

-Rudolph Red Nose:

A Deer's nose which resembles Rudolph's brightly shining nose.

Add a 30% resistance against the Blind status.

Add a low chance of gaining Cookie Bags when a monster gets killed.

This was all we got till now, but it doesn't means this is all the prizes.(If you got any difrent prize leave a comment with the name of the item and it quantity, so i can update the guide).

Thanks to all who helped me why my first guide:




Good luck and happy christmas!! ^-^


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yeah i know but since i'm not english i can't actualy spot them xD

Rudolph's red nose haves the same sprite yes, the effect if i'm not wrong is low chance of getting "Cookies Bag" when a monster is killed.

(i'll add the effects laters)

and tnx XD

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