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Server Updates

  • The weekly top 3 players from the Ranked Battlegrounds will recieve a unique prize which will be sent every friday per ingame mail system! Use @joinbg to join the battleground queue.
  • Updated Event prize boxes with new prizes and removed some old ones. Additionaly you recieve now more items from all kind of event boxes!
  • Increased party share level from 10 to 50. (not yet active, will take effect on next server restart)
  • Several anti cheat system tweaks. There shouldn't be any false-positives anymore
  • Added quest log support for Captain's Hat and Tom Yum Goong quest
  • Added missing quest log entries for battlegrounds
  • Changed look of real estate agent npc
  • Small tweaks on Skoll Card effect
  • Fixed a bug in Nydhogg's Nest instance
  • Solved an issue with Cash shop of one variable only types

Website Updates

  • Updated patcher news system. It's now connected to our forums and shows also the latest event information held by our gms!
  • Cleaned our whole wiki from all the spam and restricted it's access for new users.
  • Improved vote shop view further
  • A few template and error fixes

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Everade when is the duel grounds gonna be back in bg? :o

I'm really looking forward to this update, but i'm not developing the battlegrounds.

Which means i can't tell you when it's gonna be back. I will implement it as soon as i've got my hands on the code.

what tweaks on skoll card?

Damage reduction against water element has been reduced:

bonus2 bSubEle,Ele_Water,50


bonus2 bSubEle,Ele_Water,25

last question xD what is the new prizes u can get at the event boxes? :P

New custom headgears:

Hip Ribbon (multiple colors)

Goat Horns

Frey Hat

Piamette Hairband

Quiz Hat (multiple colors)

Removed following headgears:

Pumpkin Head


Gambler Hat

Some premium items have been removed and a few new ones have been added.

Now you recieve 8 premium items from the GM boxes (before only 5) [plus the additionaly headgear as before]

Now you recieve 10 premium items from the surpise event box (before only 5)

the rarity of each item inside the box has been improved.

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