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Godlike Disenchant Quest Walk-Through


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Godlike Disenchant Quest Walk-through

First warp to yggdrasil01 252 138. There you will find a single Flower of Life.



Next, you will be warped to valhalla to meet Skuld. One of odins valkyrias. She will only talk to you if you have either Mjolnir, Megingjard, Sleipnir or Brisingamen in your inventory or equipped. Tell her that you cant uphold your promise to the gods and that you would die for your beliefs.

SHe will then warp you off to fight the respective god for your godlike item (notice that you need either 5 mithrils or 200m for Heimdall to let you cross bifrost)



Disenchanting Sleipnir

So you picked a Sleipnir for disenchantment ? Then you will have to fight Odin since Sleipnir was his horse and he is seriously pissed about it.

Odin is a physical Knight type of Fighter. I personally found it the easiest to beat him with a warlock class since his int and luk is pretty low you can put him into white imprison fairly easy, get a safety wall up and running and then charge up with amplify magic power and hit him with soul expansion and repeat the process with white imprison -> amplify magic power -> soul expansion. Also dont forget to keep your safety wall up.

As you can see on the equipment window, Anti neutral equipment + Stone Buckler with alice card and energy coat works best against Odin (you still receive shitloads of dmg so dont let him hit you too much)



Guides on the other Godlikes will follow as i aquire more screenshots. By the way, absent minded lent me his account to do the quest for him and make screenshots. Thanks for that.

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more miths on the server wud mean lesser mith value...

its simply like a country w/ a lot of circulating money in it, the monitory value of that certain country wud decrease...hence, adding more mithrils (due to the disenchantment of god helms) wud cus the price of miths to go down, dramatically.


if i may, i wud like to suggest something (altho i knw this is not the right place for it, hahaha)


if ever the God-helm Disenchantment quest wud be implemented, it wud be best to have the "Coin System" back (like pre-wipe)...the price of miths wud decrease but w/ the coins-for-zeny around, we cus still save the economy (that is by slowly converting the trading system from miths to coins)...if not, then id say get ready for "1k miths = LK"...hehehehe


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