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Window Shopper Event Vol. 2


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Window Shopper Event 2

From today on until the 30th November, every Sunday and Wednesday at 10:00 pm

i will pick out one Shop from the vending lane who will receive a GM Box.

The picking of the character will be totally random as i will randomize the x and y coordinates

of the vending lane and then look if someone is sitting there. If no one should sit at the point i picked, i will roll again

until a winner has been found. This is also a nice opportunity for everyone who cant attend to events because of the time zones.

Once a winner has been found, i will post the name of the vendor here and the owner of that char may contact me to receive his/her prize.

So place your vendors and cross your fingers that your vendor will be picked.

P.S.: Multiple vendors are allowed to maximize the chances to win.

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