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Server And Website Updates


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Server Updates

  • Several skill balancings [more details]
  • Added Morocc rental houses (only 1 house per player, stay fair)
  • Implemented new map Althea Field nr.2 (Althea is now complete)
  • Removed @storeall command from premium accounts due possible exploit
  • Improved a few @go locations
  • Improved some Kafra saving points
  • Improved several npc positions and added more npcs to some major towns (more will follow)
  • Updated Kafra Shop with new headgears, every 2 weeks a new headgear is being continued.
  • Wings of Victory are now tradeable and have been given a slot
  • Bradium Fragments are now trade and storeable
  • Improved some party settings

Website Updates

  • Added 4 new headgears to the Vote Shop
  • Fixed the template of the vote shop, the items are now better seperated from each other
  • Added feature rotator to our main site. We will update it from time to time to inform you about new/special features and new events
  • Improved Internet Explorer view. It still sucks but..., we recommend to use Firefox to get the best experience of our website and forums
  • Increased top players in all ranking pages from 20 to top 50
  • Several template tweaks

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