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Pumpkin Rucksack Guide


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• Pumpkin Rucksack Guide •

• First at all , you need to start this quest by talk to

Pumpkin at nif_fild01 211 53.

After talk to that pumpkin , you might find Victor at niflheim.


Pumpkin , nif_fild01 211 53

• You can found Victor at niflheim 289 30.

Make sure you pick " This is creepy , but sure" option.

He'll ask you to find Matilda.


Victor , niflheim 289 30.

Matilda is the Witch that you can found her at nif_in 189 111.

Talk to her twice until she tell that she cant afford for Dragon Breath Cocktail.

She'll curse you into any type of undead monster.

Bring 15pcs of Dragon Breath Cocktail to her.


Matilda , nif_in 189 111

• After she took all of your Dragon Breath Cocktail , your next step is find someone to Cure the curse that Matilda spell to you . You can found that Witch at hu_in01 327 388.

She'll ask you gather some ingredients for proceed to the next step.

Here's the list for all those ingredients that she ask you to gather.

Ingredients :

◘ 2 Broken Crown 7754.giffrom


◘ 25 Fish Tail 1023.giffrom

1158.gif , 1513.gif , 1586.gif

◘ 25 Grasshopper's Leg 940.giffrom

1088.gif , 1058.gif

◘ 5 Animal Gore 702.giffrom

1221.gif , 1148-1.gif, 1256.gif

◘ 25 Soft Blade Of Grass 7194.giffrom


◘ 15 Red Spice 7456.gif

◘ 15 Yellow Spice 7452.gif

You can buy this 2 item at Chef Assistant , aldebaran 164 107


Chef Assistant , aldebaran 164 107

• After you gather all of those ingredients , she'll return you to normal back.

Now move to another step , you need to talk with Victor back at niflheim 289 30.

He'll ask you to talk with pumpkin back for your last step.

• Talk to Pumpkin back at nif_fild01 209 50 and there you go.You got 1pcs Pumpkin Rucksack !!


Credits To :

lOl SHAN lOl

a L e L




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the pumpkins says, "Hello again".

when you click on the tombstone, it says,"You see a dirty old grave."

the old hag says,"Get out of my house stinking creature!"

the little kid witch says,"The girl is humming quietly."

Also, the monster sprite was gone when i logged back in...

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