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Updates, Fixes And Balancings


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  • Battlegrounds can now be joined from any place at any time!
    Simply use @joinbg to enter the queue. As soon as there are enough players available, a random rotated battleground mode will automaticaly start and warp you to the battlegrounds. A Battle Recruiter can also be found in Althea right next to the Unknown Fighter. She's able to register your whole party for the battlegrounds queue!
  • Players are now automaticaly kicked out of the battlegrounds if they were longer than 180 seconds inactive.
  • Payon rental houses are now available! More houses for rent are under construction. For more information visit the Real Estate Agent in front of our Gathering Station.
  • Released a big patch which includes all maps for the house rental system for future updates on new houses.
  • More class balancings [detailed information]
  • Dark Lord Helm has recieved an effect buff
  • Fixed that treasure boxes sometimes did not appear after WoE.
  • Solved a bug that a players card wasn't returned per mail system if the card slots from a specific item has been reduced or removed.
  • Implemented godlike disenchant quest
  • Implemented major serverside crash fixes
  • Updated monster and item database
  • @myinfo has been updated with information about your current amount of Kafra points and premium account information
  • Improved server perfomance and installed latest security updates

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yeah its already full, they are almost the same person who owns a house in prontera and payon, it should be 1 house per account, except for the premium account users ^^

it is 1 house per account you cant rent 2 houses with the same account.

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