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New Features And Updates


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  • Added new custom Slot Enchanter npc (found in new world)
  • Added new battleground mode (Free for all)
  • Increased mercenary stats
  • Increased elemental stats
  • Increased homunculus stats (max lvl)
  • Added new commands to join or leave the battlegrounds queue @joinbg, @leavebg
  • Updated @warp/@jump commands so that when an invalid tile is specified, a nearby cell is chosen (rather than using a map-wide random value)
  • Updated all scripts and database
  • Updated Sealed Shrine Instance
  • Implemented remaining Basilis npcs
  • Changed Nebula Aura item effect
  • Several serverside fixes and updates
  • Also non-team leaders can now use @reportafk in battlegrounds
  • Fixed warp agent location of ant hell

  • Fixed pet's equip would visually disappear when it's walk speed was changed while it was standing
  • Fixed @mobinfo displaying mvp rewards with the wrong mob names
  • Fixed @wherelevel
  • Implemented Housing System (althea, 223, 209)
  • Implemented Battleground Queue (Duel Arena will come back later!)
  • Implemented Battleground Rankings on our website! [link]
  • Implemented Premium Account System (for donators)

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