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Fu Rui's Faq On Rune Knight.


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As the title says its not your typical guide but just an FaQ it won't teach you much but it'll answer some or most of your questions.

Noob#1: Why do you do so much Dragon Breath damage?

Fu Rui: I wear tao gunka, now GTFO!

Noob#2: What weapon are you using it looks cool!?

Fu Rui: +10 Violet Fear, now GTFO

Noob#2v2: Please don't, btw what cards in it?

Fu Rui: Thanatos and Drake, Now GTFO!

Noob#3: Duel?

Narration: Noob#3 died.

Noob#3: Why do you use drake?

Fu Rui: Maximizes my weapon damage output 2 handed swords only do 75% damage on medium, Now GTFO,noob.

Noob#4: Idol teach me?!

Fu Rui: Read the first 2 letters of my IGN, and no I wont teach you.

Noob#5: Why don't you burn so easily!?

Fu Rui: I'm high luk, low dex, more resistance, and I'm better than you. Now GTFO.

Noob#6: hehe! look how slow his cast is! Duel me Fu Rui.

-Noob#6 dies easily-

Fu Rui: Noob.

Noob#6: why i casted my stuff faster!!

Fu Rui: So, not much of a difference in speed, I have more damage, more resistance, Now GTFO.

Noob#7: haha i have high flee he cant hit me gg

-After Noob#7 Dies-

Fu Rui: Nice High flee, food for howling and wind cutter,

Noob#7: ,,l,, whats that do?

Fu Rui: Howling causes fear status 15x15 AoE, Reduces your flee and hit by a 25% i believe, Now GTFO.

Noob#8: I have oblivion i can own this noob.

-After Noob#8 dies-

Fu Rui: haha noob oblivion wont last long on me + I'm highly resistant!

Noob#8: ,,l,,

Fu Rui: GTFO.

Noob#9 and #10: Lets gang him for killing our guildmates

-After they both died-

Fu Rui: GTFO!?

Noob#9: wth i had dark priests and mushrooms on you!!

Noob#10: wth +10 Vmant?

Fu Rui: 2 things Dracula + reflect + deathbound ,,l,, Now GTFO

Noob#11: Please don't kill I'm Noob#11, how come you can use skills in oblivion?

Fu Rui: They're called Runes, skills activated by using an item it bypasses oblivion status, now GTFO

-Noob#11 dies-

Noob#12: Hi Fu Rui i read your FaQ, Ty

Fu Rui: Yw,-Trades poison white potion-, its a buff secret i kept out of the FaQ.

Noob#12: Nice whats it do?

Fu Rui: it doubles your attack for 1 minute.

Noob#12: Really?!

-Noob#12 Dies-

Fu Rui: Now GTFO.

Noob#13: I can't win... teach me how to use deathbound!

Fu Rui: its like autocounter( attacker has to be with in 4 cells away anything above 5 cells is considered long range and not considered close range the attack has to come from 180degrees of your character), now gtfo.

Noob#14: is that your best spiral?

Fu Rui: No, i can add foods and runes for another 2k for a total of 14-15k, Now GTFO.

Noob#15:My Name is maRmimo duel?!

Fu Rui: Nice Duel Now GTFO! or come again!

Noob#16: I have 1.9m HP DB hybrid type GG. Fu Rui Duel!?

Noob#16 Dies!

Fu Rui: Damage+ Resistance wins! Nice Duel, now GTFO please?

Noob#17: Why is your ignition break so high all the time?!

Fu Rui: Well its suppose to be lower the farther you are but the floor modifier that is suppose to be implemented with Ignition break is not implemented in GRO so i do 1200% 100% of the time with fire converter. Now GTFOcause your weak!? Fire Element means double Ignition damage... Now GTFO

Noob#18: Why does your Crush Strike do so much damage?!

Fu Rui: +10 Violet Fear, the strongest 2 handed weapon sword, Now GTFO.

Noob#19: Err Violet Fear with crush strike is nice, wait why didn't you weapon break.

Fu Rui: Fcp prevents my weapon from breaking + you could also use golem or vrand card in it.

Noob#20: Wait I kept using DP and mushrooms again!! how come you can use your skills still!

Fu Rui: Runes are item based skills that don't require SP. Storm Blast wins.

Noob#21: How did you counter howling of mandoraga?

Fu Rui: I simply used a my high luk build. With Gloria I had around 249 luk which made me immune to oblivion, burning and very resistant to howling of mandoraga.

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AHAHAHAH ken jenbei w/e fighting by himself...yea in a alternate dimension maybe. Please only make a reply they may be to critique someone in a respectful manner. Although your reply is expected of you considering you never seem to do anything in a respectful manner, such as fighting alone. Also if you would actually manage to play a single class proficiently then you could reply, but seeing how you have failed to do so please to GTHO...

Thank you and best regards...

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