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Ipython's Guide For Suras [Un-Wealthy Guide]


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Guide For Suras ~


FullBuild: a build to use every skill at hes better potential, this build requieres some fingers skills with your keyboard, you gonna have to be the keyboard, love the keyboard, feel the keyboard, have sex with the keyboard! (well not that ^^)

Stats and Equips



Str? Regular Damage duuh!

Agi? Skynet Blow babe!

Vit? Well... mmh HP? and for Tiger Cannon

Int? Well, the amon ra card has a requirement of 99 int to cast the skill with more %.

Dex? Cast Time

Luk? Perfect Dodge


Head: Ignore the Card on the GDH. You could use, Bapho horns, the GDH or anything else (Hat doesnt really matters) If you can... Kiel.

Middle: Any slotted middle head gear, to use a maya if you can afford it, if not dont worry.

Bottom: Gpipe its not expensive, only 4 Mithrils...

Armor: GR if you can afford it, if not, hunt sasquatch card, its very usefull, belive me...

Weapon: +10 Kalga M. if you can afford it or patience to get it and upgrade it with hydra + skel worker, if not then a +10 Mace with hydra + hydra + sw + sw.

Garmet: Mystic Naght Seiger with aliot, yeah its kinda expensive but you can just go with your friends to ET and get it.

Shield: Any shield with thara frog card, i killed 2 times and I got the card, maybe you could be the same as lucky.

Shoes: Variant shoes, or sprint shoes (if you're using sprint shoes then use the full sprint set) if using sprint shoes, try to get the Amon Ra card, if not, dont worry

Accesories: 2 Cursed hands with bronzering or 2 expert ring with bronzering or 1 sprint ring + 1 expert ring with ebecce card.

How to play with this thing -.-

Ok, first put on all your buffs, bless, agi blah blah, then if you gonna fight with TC then use Revilitaze, if you gonna fight with anything else use Change, then if you gonna use TC then, you visualize your target, use TC 2 or 3 times, after that you can use GoH that is gonna do more dmg with low hp, if you wanna fight on another way, you could use knucklw arrow plus skynet blow and keep doing that untill your target is against the wall, then hit him with normal atacks and use dragon combo + fallen empire till hes deeead XD, now the rest is up to you, experiment and have fun.



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I think a +10 Luna Kaleet [3] is much stronger than a +10 Mace O.o

and its very easy to get cuz high droprate and its a lvl 3 Weapon so u a very good chance to get 1 to +10

+4% Aspd, 15% Stun chance, 110 Atk~

beside that... its not expensiv o_o

true that, gonna edit it later

better +7proxy / +7vmant for garment, with giant whisper card since nagth sieger flame mant doesn't add SP (or does it?)

~well other than that, mayaP for mid headgear and (either gemini card or ESL card on headgear.)

vmant and proxy are too expensive for some ppl, and even more +7!

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You interested in playing a real sura? Play, against mine Apocryphos w/o mvps, or face Certo. Combo Sura's are Universal Sura.

+ in renewal your main damage output isn't from your stats, its from your weapon, something you might wanna look at if your making a build.

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well, suras at first place, is hard to play without expensive items. tho ~.~

i play like this, just like you see in the picture and im doing fine, and i havent spend alot of money... i made this guide just in case someone wants to play with a sura with no expensive equips, you wont be as pro as Certo, Hvn etc, but you can still have fun at pvp.........

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you know you don't have to have expensive stuff to use sura, yea it helps but you don't have to have them. Like glaze said he has one w/o mvps, and I don't use anything real expensive and I do no mvps also at times.

+ the 99 int is only really if you use amon if not then you don't really have to have it, and the 77 luk is for AA not really PD and,

"better +7proxy / +7vmant for garment, with giant whisper card since nagth sieger flame mant doesn't add SP (or does it?)"

you don't need a lot of sp, Asura is capped at 6k sp and you have around 8k with 1 int at lvl 250 and 10k if you use variant,

plus gate of hell doesn't factor in sp just hp and atk. I like naght with GW more because of the 8% hp increase.

The stuff you listed in your eq's is good for people just starting out but thara is really only close range, try tirfing and for a beginner having a phen would help to act more as a crutch for them

Just some suggestions.

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