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Rebalancings And Fixes


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The chatroom issue for althea has been fixed.

Also, the Endless Tower has been fixed as well, you can now use all skills in there again.

the following changes have been made :

  • Falcon Assault now has a 3 seconds fixed cooldown
  • Cannon Spear and Banishing Point delay increased by 0.3 seconds
  • Cannon Spear now misses if you are not in a straight line with your target and got an Str cap for bonus dmg (the Str cap is 300 str and is there to prevent players doing ridiculous amounts of dmg with megingjards)
  • You can no longer cast True Sight to cancel the animation delay of Ranger skills
  • Applied the servitor patch, this patch increases the hp of slave mobs like homunculi to a more suitable amount.
  • Homunculi can now level up to lvl 250
  • Fixed the stun resist for the glorious S set
  • Belphegor skills got changed, he now also uses physical close range skills.
  • Nydhogger Shadow card as well as Berzebub card and Skoll card have been fixed
  • Asprika will now reduce the dmg again instead of amplifying it.
  • The Catcry status will now be dispelled upon unequipping Paw of Cat

P.S.: for the ones who have been bugging me about the delays and cooldowns :

Skill Delay = prevents you from using the same skill again for the duration. Reduceable by Kiel cards and other delay reducers, Skill Delay also sometimes affects if you can use another skill right away after you casted a skill (the so called skill use delay)

Walk Delay = prevents you from walking for the duration after you have used a skill

Attack Delay = this basically is the time between your attacks, the faster your attack speed, the lower your attack delay is.

Cooldown = Non reduceable by anything, cooldown is the thingy that gives your skills the cat paw like icon after you used a skill. There are 2 types of cooldown, global cooldown which affects all skills and individual cooldown which only affects the skill you have used.

I hope i could enlighten some peeps and maybe they can start to use these terms when asking me stuff, this makes my job much easier.

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