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Rebalancings And Fixes


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the following skill changes have been made :

  • Fixed Earth shaker and magnetic field
  • Implemented the effect for Cat's Paw
  • Implemented the correct effect for ceromain soup
  • Reduced metallic sounds sp drain
  • Fixed the Shieldboomerang and Shieldspell bug
  • increased the chance for mixcooking its now increased by luk and dex
  • Rebalanced all Falcon skills
  • Soul Expansion damage increased to its old value
  • Jack Frost damage increased to its old value
  • Chain lightning damage increased to its old value
  • Earthstrain damage increased to its old damage value
  • Tetravortex damage increased by 25%
  • Spiral Pierce Damage increased to its old damage
  • Pierce damage increased
  • Dragons Breath damage decreased since it is not blockable by Kyrie Eleison anymore
  • Warg Strike damage slightly decreased
  • Warg Bite damage slightly decreased
  • Cannon Spear, Banishing Point and Pinpoint damage increased
  • Cart Cannon and Spore explosion damage increased
    The following cast time changes have been made
  • Stormblast cast time reduced to 1 second
  • Spellbook reading fixed delay increased from 2 to 3,5 seconds
  • Fear Breeze cast time reduced to 0,5 seconds
  • Aimed Bolt cast time reduced by 1 second
  • Mechanic Repair reverted to its original cast time/delay
  • Shadow Chasers Masquerade as well as chaospanic, bloodylust and maelstrom cast time decreased by 1 second
  • Force of vanguard is now instant again
  • Exceedbreak cast time reduced by 64%
  • Prestige cast time reduced to 1 second
  • Powervelocity as well as all gentle touch skills are now instant
  • Poem of Netherworld cast time decreased by 50%
  • Genetics Cart Boost is now instant again

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Fallen Empire is bugged or has a wrong description

It says it's 850% attack at level 5 "The enemy takes additional damage if the target is heavier." When it says additional damage doesn't it mean that it's suppose to deal 850% then the additional damage from opponents weight; and not have the skill completely based on the opponents weight?

Oh, after the patch it seems that fallen empire is no longer 3 hits strong hits its become 2 weaker hits.


PS: Can you please identify the bugged skills so I don't report any thing unnecessary.

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i think the shield spell bug is caused by thana.

i removed my thana and i put inca instead, it doesn't give 999k dmg now.

btw, that 999k dmg of shield spell is random, something like a looping, keeps on multiplying randomly

its shield spell lvl 1 right ?

I use thana and shield spell doesnt do 999k anymore...

Other than that... Great job on fixing the skills Beast

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Sooo Beasty.

You said you are going to make Falcon Assault fix to 5 secs uneducable, yet it seems to be the most imba thing in the game right now.

can you please clarified about this situation please?

So proofs of people abusing it.


See Cytus and NaTas.

Clarify this asap please beasty mate.

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i need to report something, its weird for me how banishing dmg is lower than cannon spear dmg..

cannon spear has longer range and its an AoE skill, and banishing has shorter range and its single target skill..

its weird if banishing has lower dmg.. look between those skills description, banish shud have more dmg than cannon.. now, its like cannon spear has 5-10k more dmg than banish.. please check, thanks

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